Successful Physician Dr.Tashinea Bernadin Opens up About the Challenges of Medical School and How To Overcome Them


    Many people dream of becoming a doctor, but only some succeed in realizing that dream. This degree is challenging but rewarding, and to earn it, you must get into medical school – which in itself is a challenge. Although Dr. Tashinea Bernadin’s path to becoming a doctor was not straightforward, she persisted. She kept fighting until she fulfilled her dream of becoming a doctor because she refused to let the challenges undermine her spirit.

    Dr. Tashinea was raised by a single mom and came from humble beginnings. The entire burden rested on her mother when her father was deported back to Jamaica. They were made fun of for living frugally on food stamps and general welfare. Despite their challenging situation, her mother did her best to raise her girls to be the greatest versions of themselves. Dr. Tashinea credits her accomplishment as a doctor to her mother’s great upbringing.

    The difficulty of getting into medical school is a universally acknowledged fact. You must pass the MCAT to be admitted, ultimately determining your future as a physician. After their first or second attempt, most people lose hope and cannot fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor. Dr. Tashinea herself attempted the exam five times. Because she had taken the tests repeatedly, she was demoralized by those around her who claimed that no medical school would ever accept her. She proved them all wrong when she got accepted into all five medical schools, including her first choice.

    Despite her difficult childhood, Dr. Tashinea did not allow that to affect her aspirations. She fulfilled her aim of becoming a doctor and is now happily married to her husband, with whom she has a beautiful daughter. She posts all of her wisdom and advice on her Instagram, where she also inspires people to overcome their challenges.

    No matter the challenges, Dr. Tashinea proves you can always find a way out if you work hard. She experienced many difficulties in her life, but instead of letting them break her down, she used them to motivate her to become a doctor. She wants to inspire people and let them know they can achieve their dreams. For that, Dr. Tashinea wants people to dare to dream and be willing to put enough effort into bringing that dream to reality.

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