Fashion Influencer Carmen DeCharisse’s Hope and Dreams for the Future of Her Brand DeCarmenAfrik


    Every business owner has hopes and dreams that their business will reach the pinnacle of success. To prosper, a business owner must have a proper plan and a clear pathway to achieve it. It entails working hard and ensuring the core business works like a well-oiled machine. Carmen DeCharisse, a fashion influencer and the owner of the DeCarmenAfrik fashion house, has a brilliant and clear plan for reaching success and is willing to work hard to achieve it.

    Carmen created her brand when she found difficulties landing jobs that interested her and paid well in America. Her challenges in the land of dreams drove her to make the drastic decision to leave America and seek opportunities elsewhere. She traveled to Lagos, Nigeria, in 2019 to start her business and created DeCarmenAfrik, a fashion house dedicated to making bold, feminine, and luxurious ready-to-wear and lifestyle products for women.

    The concept behind DeCarmenAfrik is to show the world that luxurious dresses and products aren’t limited to the western world and women. Carmen is adamant about showing the world what African women can do when given the opportunity to wear and create bold and luxurious designs. She wants to change how people perceive Africa by making the world see the luxurious side of the continent and what it has to offer in terms of lifestyle and luxury.

    DeCarmenAfrik has successfully maintained its worth by creating sustainable fashion using local fabrics and female seamstresses. Many famous women are seen wearing dresses from Carmen’s fashion house, and she has been very active on Instagram by sharing reels and stories made by her customers and fans. Angie Thomas, a New York Times bestseller, has worn dresses from this fashion house on CBS mornings. Carmen is also very active in making viral content and videos on TikTok and is working hard to get global recognition for DeCarmenAfrik.

    Carmen hopes to open a boutique in America so women from the western world can enjoy and appreciate the art she makes when she puts together her beautifully designed collections. She wants women from all walks of life to have access to her designs and her brand to be an example of inclusivity worldwide. With her in-demand dresses and lifestyle products, the day is close when we can get our hands on DeCarmenAfrik products and ready-to-wear dresses at stores like Farfetch, Saks, and Neiman Marcus.

    To learn more about DeCarmenAfrik and Carmen DeCharisse, visit her website DeCarmenAfrik.

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