Enriching visual perceptions of watch lovers, AET REMOULD comes up with the classic new edition “Football Feast.”

The watch modification brand has yet again enthralled people by creating the Football Feast watch, which is based on the Rolex Daytona, combining the classic elements of the football world.


The more we speak about a few businesses and brands exceeding and pushing boundaries and creating their own sweet journey to success, even amidst over-competition and saturation, the more we feel the need to discuss more about them for the world to know the brilliance of the team behind such brands and businesses. It is also important for people to know that many of these brands and businesses did not become an overnight success, and there were too many reasons and factors that led them to have a gradual but steady upward trend of growth and success. As a watch-remaking and modification brand, AET REMOULD stands tall as a fine example in the watch-making industry. However, currently, much buzz and recognition are taken by its new classic edition, an ode to the game of football called the “Football Feast.”

Football Feast, the name itself, has intrigued and excited so many watch lovers, but most importantly, football fans and lovers who are overwhelmed with AET REMOULD’s new offering in the form of this incredible watch. Priced as a cost-effective watch in the market, it is a limited edition of five pieces.

Highlighting the main features of the watch, the team says, “It is highly inspired by football, and the dial depicts the silhouettes of four football figures, decorated with the colour of the jersey. It has a sapphire case, and multiple spare parts are integrated with golden elements. The golden rotor at the back is also loaded with football features, echoing the dial. It retains the 4130 movement, and it is equipped with Fluororubber strap.”

Adding more about the product, they say that they wanted to create something that football lovers, players, fans and enthusiasts can feel belonged to and identify with. Hence, by creating this product, they felt they could fascinate the world, and that’s what they have been doing, spreading its charm and the charm of football everywhere around. Just like football, where the rapid movements of each player lead to an adrenaline rush in fans and audiences, the watch pretty much does the same with each of its features, giving a feeling of being a part of the game.

AET REMOULD, the watch modification brand, has created Football Feast keeping all these points in mind based on the Rolex Daytona, combining the classic elements of the football world, endowing Daytona with a new design concept. The dial that depicts the four football figures has already excited people, while its design which refers to classic football action shapes, has stunned them, ultimately enriching their visual perceptions.

The outer ring of the three sub-dials is in purple, while elements of gold are used for the hour, minute hands, hour markers, edge scale circle, bezel tachymeter scale, crown and chronograph buttons, which symbolize the honour of the football world. They say that the sapphire case, which is transparent and pure, reflects vitality and passion. The use of gold is also for the rotor at the back, with graffiti paintings for the dial.

People are going gaga over the new watch from AET REMOULD (https://aetremould.com/collections/Football_Feast/lang/en) for all the right reasons.

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