Winter Storm Weather Warning for Marten Falls and Neskantaga

Weather Warning

MARTEN FALLS – WEATHER – Brace yourselves for a wild winter ride in Neskantaga and Marten Falls, as a multi-day snow extravaganza is heading your way. A long duration winter storm is expected to unleash significant amounts of snow, and some areas east of Ogoki may even get some freezing rain and ice pellets mixed in with the flurries. By Tuesday, local snowfall accumulations of 30 to 50 cm are anticipated. Better dust off those snowshoes!

Expect heavy snowfall, which may be accompanied by some ice pellets and freezing rain, reducing visibility to a minimum. So make sure you have your shovel handy and a hot cocoa on standby.

This snowy situation will persist from today until Tuesday.

And as if that’s not enough, heavy snow and blowing snow will also make for some tricky driving conditions, so take it slow and steady on the roads. Stay safe out there, folks!

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