Dr. Jack Yang – Propagating Low-Intervention Dentistry and Encouraging Preventative Oral Health Regimens


    Over the past twenty-five years, dentistry has evolved significantly and in addition to treating oral diseases, elective aesthetic procedures have also gained traction. As compared to traditional times, the average lifespan of a tooth is longer because of recent technological advancements, an increase in the awareness and understanding of dental diseases, and the outcomes of possible dental procedures and treatments.

    At one point in time, cosmetic dentistry was actually regarded as a luxury; however, this field and the mindset of people have evolved over the years. The distinction between a cosmetic dentist and the typical high-street dentist led to the rise of cosmetic dentistry in the 1990s. Veneers and tooth whitening became commonplace at that time. Additionally, there was a desire to achieve natural-looking, beautiful smiles.

    Cosmetic dentistry has grown to new heights as a result of patients’ desire for beauty. Particularly, a fundamental change from tooth-centered treatment and diagnosis has taken place and nowadays patients desire beautiful smiles and facial upgrades. This has brought about dental specialists adopting a more integrative and multidisciplinary strategy to treat their patients.

    As people in recent times are more conscious about their self-image and often self-scrutinize themselves, cosmetic dentistry is now being recognized as a tool for enhancing a person’s overall appearance as well as their smile. Individuals have regained their lost self-esteem and confidence as a result of cosmetic dentistry.

    The field of cosmetic dentistry will undoubtedly rise to the occasion and embrace this brand-new digital revolution as it continues to advance and gain popularity among patients. Since the advent of the cosmetic dentist in the early 1990s, we have come a long way. Cosmetic procedures have become more accurate, effective, and cost-effective for patients as a result of technological advancements in cosmetic dentistry.

    In the past, it may have taken ten or twenty years for a new technology to become widespread in dental practice; however, innovations are now emerging and being applied rapidly. As cosmetic dentistry moves into this new era of digitalization, more people will use technology until it becomes standard practice. Additionally, more dentists than ever before are offering to make significant aesthetic and functional enhancements because of the increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry. One such individual in the field of dentistry is Dr. Jack Yi-Chieh Yang, who is a well-known dentist and entrepreneur.

    Dr. Jack Yang specializes in all aspects of implant rehabilitation and cosmetic dentistry and is passionate about offering the best cutting-edge procedures, like dental implants, gum reshaping, and laser teeth whitening. His expertise also includes full arch implant solutions, pain relief treatment for the neck and head, full-mouth dental implants, dental veneers, smile transformation, and various other procedures for which he utilizes modern digital technology to assure client satisfaction.

    Dr. Jack Yang holds a number of honorable certifications, including the Post Graduate Diploma in both Dental Implantology (EduQual), Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Orthodontic (OrthCoL), ICOI Fellowship (International Congress of Oral Implantologists), and FiADFE.  He has also accumulated a wealth of knowledge in the field of orthodontics.

    Dr. Jack Yang was born in Taiwan in 1982 and moved to New Zealand when he was 10 years old. He went on to earn a Bachelor of Dental Science degree from the University of Queensland in 2010 after earning a Biomedical Science degree from Otago University. He pursued higher education because of his dedication to this field, and in 2018, graduated from the City University of London with a Master of Clinical Orthodontics degree. Dr. Jack Yang also went to seminars and conferences on a regular basis, both in his home country and abroad, to keep up with the most recent developments in dentistry.

    Dr. Jack Yang was driven to start Infinity Dental Care in Sydney in 2014, a dental practice that treats patients for cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry, teeth whitening, crown and bridge work, orthodontics, veneers, and dental implants. He also completed his TMJ, dental sleep medicine, and head and neck pain specialization.

    He uses preventative oral health regimens and low-intervention dentistry to give his patients smiles that look natural. Each patient is given the highest quality of care as a result of his comprehensive approach to patient care. With his deliberate and coordinated way to deal with dental treatment, he is devoted to furnishing his patients with the smile of their fantasies. In 2018, Dr. Jack and Dr. Jeff Lin founded Beyond Infinity Dental in Castle Hill, Australia, with Dr. Jack serving as CEO, with the intention of broadening his dental services. The Castle Hill family dental practice offers a variety of treatments, including teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants, and laser surgery, with a focus on overall health.

    Dr. Jack Yang founded Denfinity in 2021 with the goal of improving the oral hygiene standards of his customers by providing the best quality oral healthcare products and services, as well as various other dental healthcare services along with consultations. Denfinity has made significant investments in clinical research and decades of experience in the dental industry to guarantee customer satisfaction. Through his expertise in the field of dentistry, he has not only helped people enhance and maintain their smiles but has also contributed significantly to the growth of the cosmetic dentistry industry on the whole.

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