Lyn Corbett Emphasizes the Importance of Strategic Planning for Organizational Success


    It is critical for management and staff members to understand the importance of strategic planning and to implement the actions recommended by that planning. It paves the way for organizational success, which would otherwise become daunting. Meet Dr. Lyn Corbett – the President of The Pivotal Group Consultants Inc., a consulting firm based in California. He offers executive coaching, leadership development, strategic planning, and research and evaluation services to strengthen organizations. He believes that companies that invest in strategic planning see exponential growth.

    Born and raised in New York, Dr. Corbett has traveled extensively, working in the most underserved areas and assisting organizations by offering the framework and plan necessary to succeed and advance their work in their communities. He is a thought leader and expert on resolving community challenges through nonprofits, assisting communities, and addressing local government challenges. He aspires to be known as an authority on leadership and leadership development.

    Dr. Corbett believes that businesses frequently lose their sense of responsibility and drift away from real goals and targets due to the increased work demands, the need to satisfy customer demands, and the need to meet strict deadlines. He claims that by incorporating strategic planning, each team member gains a sense of direction and knows where to go with a well-structured plan in mind. A long-term vision is necessary for the company to develop in the market.

    Furthermore, Dr. Corbett emphasizes the importance of having a proper strategy in place, stating that a company with an action plan and an established strategy achieves its goals and objectives ahead of its rivals in the market, gaining a competitive edge. He claims that strategic planning entails researching market conditions and competitors’ next moves, which aids in the development of innovative product ideas and ensures customer satisfaction.

    Understanding the value of strategic planning enables an organization to be more proactive in addressing upcoming issues and challenges rather than reacting to them after they occur. Dr. Corbett believes that if a business follows the fundamental concepts of strategic planning, it will become more proactive in forecasting future problems. He claims the company’s productivity and operational excellence will increase with the right strategy and plan. It provides the team with an understanding and knowledge of tasks and how to complete them most effectively.

    Dr. Lyn Corbett advocates for strategic planning within the company because it is critical for business growth and expansion. Moreover, he suggests that with proper planning, you can secure your company’s future, ensuring its success along the way. Dr. Corbett has devised novel strategies to strengthen private, nonprofit, and public organizations. He approaches each opportunity with the understanding that people and organizations more often already have the tools and assets they need to succeed.

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