Pastor Anwar Fazal – Winning the hearts of Christians and Non-Christians alike


    Pakistan is a densely populated country with people belonging to different religions. Christianity stands at the number three slot holding about 1.27% of the population of Pakistan. The Christian population rose during the partition of the Indian subcontinent in 1947 when Pakistan was officially put on the map of the world as a separate Muslim state. Several Hindus in what would become Pakistan converted to Christianity then. They were among the poorest in the region and worked in positions that many others did not desire. However, some Christians have achieved top positions, like A.R. Cornelius, Pakistan’s chief judge. In a Muslim-majority nation like Pakistan, there have been many evangelists who have been able to win the hearts of Christians and Non-Christians alike. The latest example of it today is Pastor Anwar Fazal.

    Known for his Christ-like behavior on stage, Fazal has drawn a large audience at his prayer festivals and congregations in the history of the Muslim-majority country, Pakistan. Fazal has worked up to become one of Pakistan’s most prominent televangelist preachers, hailing from Jahanian city in the Punjab Province. Pastor Anwar Fazal has led multiple congregations with over a million attendees. The ministry has worked with celebrities such as Lou Engle, Bill Johnson, Benny Hinn, and others.

    The greater the gap between a leader and their people, the greater the risk of pride. The most humble pastors are always looking for ways to become closer to the people they represent, and Fazal is no exception. He is a Godly guy who faithfully performs the call the Lord has put on his heart. His Christ-like approach has won people and advanced the kingdom of God in countless locations. His prayer festivals have affected millions, with the largest turnout in Pakistan of 1.4 million people.

    Pastor Anwar Fazal influenced the lives of millions in Pakistan by spreading the Gospel in a country ruled by Islam. Senior Pastor Anwar Fazal of Eternal Life Ministries (ELM) in Pakistan organizes a large Healing Crusade in Lahore every Wednesday, attended by Hundreds of people every week.

    His teachings and ability to connect with the locals swiftly drove him to prominence, winning him an invitation to pray before the second term election of former American President George W. Bush. The well-known American televangelist Benny Hinn requested Fazal to appear on his television station multiple times.

    Pastor Fazal led a congregation at Garhi Shahu, Lahore, in 2014, to which 40,000 Christians from all across Pakistan came for their annual conference. Their lowered heads and the length of their arms extended toward the heavens indicated the intensity of their dedication. All eyes were on Pastor Anwar Fazal, who was on stage and was well-known for his spiritual healing Gifts.

    Pastor Anwar Fazal has been on a mission to preach the kingdom of Jesus Christ for years. He did not set out on this voyage to make money or build a reputation. Instead, he chose the righteous road to further the glory of Christ Jesus. He is a God-fearing and humble servant whose worldview is that the world may be a better place to live with Christ’s love, forgiveness, and the Holy Spirit.

    Over the years, Fazal has led some of the world-level television channels in Pakistan. Fazal founded the Eternal Life Television Network, which transmits lectures, praise songs, and children’s programming from prominent and anointed preachers. Since its foundation, the Eternal Life Television Network has been gaining souls, transforming lives, and growing God’s kingdom. The channel has been teaching about God’s love for humanity under the embodied vision of Pastor Anwar Fazal.


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