HR Influencer Eric Torigian Sheds Light on the Future of Human Resources in Metaverse


    As technological advances happen at the speed of light, all business models must change with the evolving times. The fact is, the business world is very volatile regarding technology because it reacts the quickest and affects the most people in the world.

    Eric Torigian, a business consultant, HR influencer, and a start-up and C-suite advisor, is educating people about the new age of business in the metaverse. Since everything has found its way onto the internet, and people worldwide rely heavily on it to survive, it is about time that human resources enter the world of the metaverse. And for that purpose, Eric has created a full-functioning metaverse office for all his clients to use and hold meetings.

    For those who are not much aware of the new reality, the metaverse is a virtual space where people can come together and engage in immersive activities. Seeing it to be the way of the future, Eric finds it very exciting and has pounced on the opportunity to work in the metaverse. He is well-versed in the art of coding, processing, and programming, which encouraged him to build his own space in the metaverse and make it easier for people to come together on a singular platform.

    CHRO Solutions, Eric’s HR service provider company, has built office space in the metaverse. This office means his clients can hold meetings and seminars without leaving their houses. In that space, Eric has programmed audio sharing in such a way that people can have real-time conversations and discussions with the help of a microphone. All his clients need to do is create an avatar and join the CHRO Solutions metaverse space in the web3.

    In the metaverse, Eric has developed options for friendly discussions in the lounge, a seminar in the meeting hall, and private discussions in the guest office, all of which can be done using the options given with your avatar. He has also designed a learning centre and a library that holds all the webinars and materials used in their human resource development. Furthermore, Eric has created an office for himself in the metaverse where anyone can contact him, and he will get notified immediately when someone enters his office.

    The next step in business development is taking the business world into the metaverse. Eric is the pioneer of fractional human resources and has been developing more convenient ways to conduct business and HR services. He has dedicated his life to working and making it easier for people to conduct business after the pandemic. These platforms have the potential to transform the way companies interact with customers and employees, enabling businesses to deliver new experiences. With his sharp business acumen and foresight, Eric is convinced that the metaverse is the new way of conducting business in the future.

    To follow his journey and learn more about the metaverse, subscribe to Eric’s Youtube Channel: Lessons From The Corner Office.



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