State-of-the-Art Technologies of Coil Winding Specialist

State-of-the-Art Technologies of Coil Winding Specialist

The demand for components, like transducers and sensors, has been on a constant rise. They are often needed to manufacture cutting-edge micro-motion control and positioning systems. Miniaturised coils are necessary for many of these tiny components. However, joining ultra-fine wires for these coils can be an intricate part of the manufacturing process. Additionally, the winding of microscopic coils with ultra-fine wires could get significantly challenging if there is any constraint on the shape or size of the coil.

Due to several lags in the traditional coil winding technique, meeting the current requirement of small enough coils can be challenging. Therefore, anyone requiring specialised micro coils should always consult a Coil Winding  Specialist with access to a cutting-edge technology.

Efficient Coil Production Techniques

A significant production problem is protecting the layer of insulation covering the conducting wire from any damage. Another problem is that the ultra-fine wires are difficult to join because of their size.

Many specialised manufacturers today have been developing the necessary techniques and processes which allow the production of coils at competitive rates. A Coil Winding  Specialist would also manage to dig out solutions to the above-mentioned challenges in the guise of a refined and innovative thermo-pressure bonding technology. The uniquely advanced thermo-compression process has allowed the Coil Winding  Specialist to join standardised ultra-fine wires, that could be just 9 microns (0.00035″ 8–10 times thinner than a human hair). 

Benefits of Micro Compression Bonding

Micro compression bonding has several benefits, including:

  • Safer manufacturing process – No danger of harming sensitive or delicate components
  • Strain relief at connections
  • Reduced noise levels
  • The automated robust manufacturing method — reduces human error due to worker experience & skill levels.
  • Lower production costs—using mass production (compared to alternatives)
  • Highly reliable connection—no oxidisation

Examples of Connections

With thermo-pressure bonding, you can achieve:

  • Metal-to-metal micro-coils connections to a printed circuit board employing thicker intermediate wires
  • Connection between Micro coils to a support system with the use of metal-plated terminals
  • Miniature copper thermocouples to ultra-fine wires

This thermo-pressure bonding method creates highly dependable molecular bonds that are corrosion-free, and strain-free. Also, the method is far less expensive than conventional soldering or welding. The technology has been extensively tested in various customer environments and production processes. Its comprehensive & thorough implementation has proven it to be suitable for both disposable and long-life medical products like permanent implants. 

How Can a Specialist Coil Manufacturer Help You

With access to cutting-edge technology, a Coil Winding  Specialist can meet your requirements by employing the least resources needed. Their experience also helps them bring you solutions at the most competitive rates, thus saving you a lot of money.


Few of the many applications that can benefit from this cutting-edge technology:

  • Therapeutic applications: electricity-based ablations (RF & microwave) or devices in electrophysiology treatments (neural or cardiac).
  • Active implants: controlling or monitoring implanted pacemakers or deep brain stimulation components. The example includes pain management devices.
  • Orthopaedic and dental treatment using pulsed electromagnets.
  • Diagnostic: wireless communication with miniature sensor implants, whether flow (respiration or blood) or physiological (heartbeat or blood pressure).
  • Navigation and orientation sensors: targeted radiation catheters, targeted drug delivery, highly accurate ablations, stent positioning, endoscopic manipulation and implanted markers.
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