Olympus4X Review – Top-notch Mobile Trading Platform

    stock trading


    Account Minimum: $0

    Fees: $0 for stocks

    Tradeable Securities: Stocks, Forex, Crypto, Options, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Commodities


    Olympus4X is a top-rated brokerage with a robust mobile trading platform that offers traders all the fundamental analysis, research, and trading tools. Olympus4X leverages a proprietary order routing software for the best price and trade executions across all its platforms. It also treats its clients to diverse trading instruments, comprising several conventional assets and new offerings with fixed incomes. However, Olympus4X’s portfolio may also seem restrictive to some clients, especially institutional investors.

    Pros and Cons


    • Powerful mobile app
    • Superior trade execution
    • Commission-free stock trading
    • Reliable customer support


    • Limited product offerings
    • Services are not accessible in some regions

    Where Olympus4X Shines

    Powerful mobile app 

    Olympus4X mobile is one of its key highlights. The platform has several top-notch analysis, research, and trading tools for a more fulfilling trading experience. It offers all the fundamental tools and technical features to meet the needs of professional-level and average traders.

    Excellent trade execution 

    Traders can route orders to specific market centers on Olympus4X. However, its smart order routing software is an innovative technology that will enable you to achieve the best trade executions at the most low-cost market centers automatically.

    Reliable customer support 

    Olympus4X has three customer support options: phone, email, and live chat. Their agents are available round-the-clock to provide personalized assistance to clients, with shorter response times. Besides, the broker also offers educational materials such as a FAQs page, videos, and articles to help traders to navigate the nitty-gritty of online trading.

    Where Olympus4X Falls Short

    Limited product offerings 

    Although Olympus4X provides multiple tradeable assets and securities, its portfolio could be more relaxed than most of its immediate competitors offer. However, the broker has promised to add more products gradually.

    Services are inaccessible in some regions 

    Olympus4X currently accepts clients from dozens of countries and territories, but accessibility remains limited to some regions. You should check the Olympus4X for a list of the supported countries.

    Olympus4X is Best For

    Olympus4X primarily focuses on active traders who need a robust mobile platform. While it is best suited to professionals, average traders and beginners can also take advantage of its zero commissions, stock trading, and free educational resources.

    Usability and Trading Experience

    Olympus4X offers two trading platforms, a mobile app and a web-based version. Both platforms provide all the fundamental tools for online trading. Since the procedure is the same, investors and traders can register through any venue. Olympus4X allows you to open multiple accounts for different purposes without immediate funding.

    Olympus4X mobile app is built for advanced trading, with various technical tools and features. The broker has optimized the app for Android and iOS devices with customizable themes that allow you to personalize the display window and trading functions. It supports various tools and capabilities, including watchlists, charting, custom screeners, technical analysis, data streaming, and news.

    Olympus4X.com is a web-based platform offering a library with all the tools an average trader needs to select, execute and monitor trades. The platform also provides optional smart order routing software. The technology automatically spreads orders across several market centers and performs every leg at the best price.

    Product Offerings

    The following are the currently available investment products on Olympus4X.

    • Stocks
    • Forex
    • Cryptocurrencies
    • Options
    • Bonds
    • Mutual Funds
    • Commodities

    While the list may appear shorter to some investors, Olympus4X provides unique assets and securities under each of the above categories.


    Olympus4X does not charge account minimums, inactivity, closure, or transfer fees. Stock trading on the platform also attracts zero commissions.

    Other trades and transactions on Olympus4X incur different commissions and margin interest rates. The trading window usually displays the costs before entering trades, but you should also check out the complete fee schedule to avoid surprises.

    Final Verdict

    Olympus4X shines with a superior mobile app, excellent trade execution, free-stock trading, and interactive educational materials. Although it is mainly suitable for professionals, Olympus4X can also appeal to casual traders and beginners seeking investor education and low-cost online investment options. Please contact Olympus4X for further details.

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