Essential Homeowners Guide to Checking Bathroom Leak

Bathroom in what can be your new home on Strand Avenue in Thunder Bay

Do you have a plumbing leak in your washroom? If so, you should be watchful of certain signs, such as stains on the ceiling, to fix them on time. Stains indicate that there is a plumbing leak in your washroom. A stained ceiling indicates that expensive damage has already been caused due to leaked hidden areas in your washroom, and you should immediately call a plumber to repair the leak. If you take action right on time, then you can save yourself on an expensive plumbing bill in the future. You may call Carlson Plumbing Company in Vancouver WA to detect leaks in your washroom.

Shower leaks

It is always a good idea to check your shower head for leaks regularly so that if there is any undetected leak, you will know about it right on time before it becomes a severe problem. If there is constant leaking water, then it will cause significant damage, and even the surrounding floor and walls might appear stained.

A bathroom with extensive interior work might lead to expensive damage if there is a shower leak because it will damage the walls and the floor. If you have wooden floorboards, they will eventually rot, requiring costly replacement projects. Sometimes, you may even have to remove the shower tray or enclosure to limit the damaged area. If you notice any mold spots on seals; then, it is another sign of trouble. If the rubber seals have worn out, making gaps quite evident, you must replace the shower tray.

Bathtub leaks

If you notice any leak within the shower enclosure, look for gaps in the seals. Sometimes it becomes difficult to spot some leaks as water moves out gradually. Leaks from some pipes can even become more challenging to detect because the lines are usually hidden behind walls and paneling. It is advisable to take expert guidelines to understand and see a leak to develop a possible solution.

Bathroom floor leak

If you have vinyl flooring, it might rot and become curled around the edges after prolonged exposure to water. Tiled floors get cracked around the grouting area. You can call an expert plumber to bring about quality renovations with exemplary tiling work without causing any significant damage to unaffected areas.

Bath drain leakage issues

Leaks around drains are quite a common issue in most bathrooms. Since the water moves slowly, it becomes difficult to detect for an average person. The easiest way to find a leaking drain is to unplug the hole and fill the bathtub with water. You may come back after an hour to see if the water level is the same or has dropped. If the water level has come down, it is an undeniable sign that the bathtub is leaking. Drop in water does not declare that you must replace the bathtub. Often there is no problem with the bathtub, but it’s only the stopper that has worn out. It makes sense to replace the stopper rather than replace the whole bathtub.

Find out hidden leaks for a luxurious and fresh-looking bathroom!


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