Affordable Fast Food Ideas For Your Date Night

Hot and tasty the Angus beef hamburger arrives at the table.
Hot and tasty the Angus beef hamburger arrives at the table.

The idea of a ‘perfect’ date night is an easier concept in theory than in real life. A lot of planning goes into an ideal date night. When planning a special night out with your love interests, you must be sure of everything, from the place you pick to the food you eat (it’s about the impression, after all).

But here’s a cold truth: when planning a date night, we’re easily intimidated by the fear of expenses that might drill a hole in our pocket. However, what if we told you you wouldn’t live under such constant fear after reading our blog?

Yes, it’s true. But, unfortunately, the food we eat happens to make a significant portion of the expense for a blissful date night. So in this blog, we’ve helped passionate lovers with a list of some of the most affordable fast food ideas.

Continue reading as we guide you to the food items that could add to your perfect date night.

Food Items To Try Out On A Date Night

#1 Why not get a bit Asian with Momos Or Dim Sums?

It’s hardly surprising that momos are one of the most popular date appetizers. They are little pieces of heaven on earth and are unquestionably among the front-runners in the finest meals for a first date category. So while you’re at it, ask your date whether they’d be willing to try a restaurant that solely offers dim sums before you go.

This date will likely be an enjoyable ride if they say yes. The thrill of trying many momo and dim sum varieties is unmatched. For instance, try the shark fin dim sum category if you’re daring or want to make it a memorable date.

#2 Take a bite of the burger

You can’t miss out on the food item that started it all when discussing fast food ideas. The juicy pattie and all the assorted veggies are bound to uplift your mood as an individual and add to the date.

Besides, munching on a burger while discussing your day could be a great conversation starter. Additionally, since numerous restaurants serve the dish, you’ll be exploited with your options and choice of fillings (not to mention the budget). 

#3 Don’t miss out on the pizza!

Now that we have burgers kicking off the list, it’s only evident that there’s pizza waiting at some end. When talking of fast food, pizza is often a comfort food or many. It’s a simple decision for a date night and a secure, affordable choice.

You could go with a basic pizza topped with your shared preferences. Or, try settling for pepperoni or basic triple-cheese toppings if you need clarification on the options and want to try something new.

#4 Take your tastebuds to the Middle-East

Ordering fast food for a date can be a hassle, especially if you don’t want to try anything ordinary. In such cases, kebabs happen to be a secure and delicious option. Getting the bite-sized grilled, barbecued tikkas will surely make you crave more. These delectable dishes, which have been spiced, encourage pleasant chats and provide a great method to strengthen your relationship with your partner.

If you wish to choose, consider going to outlets that serve Arabic for lunch or supper. Besides, if your date enjoys Mughlai cuisine, choose a place specializing in Mughlai cuisine and start the first conversation over some tandoori chicken.

#5 Gnocchi could do some magic tricks too

Next, we have gnocchi, the traditional and elegant dish you can’t go wrong with. This fast food is an excellent option as it allows you to demonstrate flexibility and diversity because it is available in many variants.

This Italian dish is straightforward, gentle on the stomach, and ideal for sharing. What’s more? Ordering gnocchi would create curiosity because it isn’t the go-to date option.

PS: Only order it if you’ve already tried it and like eating it.

Takeaway Tips To Impress Your Date

Whether it’s your first or fifth time, the urge to impress your date is always there. Sometimes, we tend to do all the planning to impress them. But, at other times, we must also catch up on some crucial details.

So to help you better, here are a few takeaway tips to impress your date:

  1. Look good, smell good:

Physical attractiveness is important, and we can’t emphasize it more. While it’s true that you nearly always know your date’s appearance before meeting them, there’s no harm in putting in the effort. So before you meet them, ensure you’re all decked up and smell good.

  1. Try paying for your bills using gift cards:

Eating out on a date makes up most of the bill. However, that’s not the case if you’re smart about it. For example, when purchasing gift cards from platforms like Coingate, you save your fiat money and put your crypto earnings to use.

  1. Do the reservations smartly:

When going on a date, there are many things that you need to plan and execute. However, while planning everything, choosing a specific place should be the last of your worries. Therefore, it’s always wise to pre-book seats at a restaurant or ask them for a spot on their table.

Now You Know

This brings us to the end of our blog on affordable fast-food ideas for your date night. Now that you have all the basics, we hope you enjoy your romantic night. All the best!


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