Greenstone Waste Management Environmental Assessment


By Lindsay Jupp

GREENSTONE – NEWS – In partnership with Municipality of Greenstone, six First Nations hosted a Rights-Holder Information Session on March 20, 2023 for off-reserve members to learn about the Waste Management Environmental Assessment (EA) currently underway.

The objective of the EA is to provide a community consultation process for a future plan to address the management of garbage through the next 100 years for the communities of Animbiigoo Zaagi’igan Anishinaabek, Aroland First Nation, Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabek, Biinjitiwaabik Zaaging Anishinaabek, Ginoogaming First Nation, Long Lake 58 First Nation, and the Municipality.

The outcome of the process will result in new development to address waste diversion and landfilling waste.

KGS Group and Scatliff + Miller + Murray have been engaged by the Municipality of Greenstone as the project consultant to evaluate different options and methods of managing waste (ie. a new regional landfill, new waste transfer stations, incineration, landfill expansions and various waste diversion/recycling systems in response to approaching capacity limits of the existing municipal landfills.

Each option will be evaluated in consideration of criterions like natural, social, cultural, economic, and built environments.

The consultation process is structured over three phases.  The first stage of the planning process is underway to inform all participants of the project and gather feedback.   The second phase will provide engagement on preferences and explore appropriate waste management systems.  Phase 3 will determine a preferred project outcome for the establishment of a regional waste management system for the long-term.

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