Attorney and Mystery and Thriller Novelist Mark Albertson – Intriguing Audiences and Readers with his Novels and Speeches


    Books are an excellent medium for people to develop empathy, enhance cognitive skills, acquire knowledge, reduce stress, and seek entertainment. Authors write books in many genres, but fiction is one of the most popular. Fiction books are popular because they take people to a fantasy world or environment where the author develops unique plots and characters based on imagination. Some fiction stories also resemble reality and enable people to empathize with characters by relating to their contexts, environments, and circumstances. Fiction books also reflect an author’s talent in developing fascinating storylines that keep readers hooked to the plot. A novel also falls under the fiction genre category that represents and reflects human experiences in different circumstances and enables people to understand how people cope with or overcome various challenges. Thriller novels are among the most popular genres because they keep readers on edge due to the story’s fast-paced plots and significant twists and turns.

    Thriller novelists integrate several literary elements and subgenres into their writing and plots to fascinate and entertain readers through their novels. Some aspects of popular and interesting thriller novels include mystery and crime because the stories force readers to continue reading. Many thriller novelists develop their storylines inspired by real-life events or people’s experiences in a particular field. Working in the navy and facing various circumstances on domestic and international missions offers unique experiences that inspire people to develop interesting stories. Mark Albertson is also a thriller novelist who got ideas for his novels while serving in the navy as a radioman and Petty Officer Second Class. Although he developed the idea for his novels while working in the navy, it took him over four decades to transform them into interesting novels.

    Mark David Albertson is an ex-navy radioman, an ex-police staff sergeant in the Texas Air National Guard, an attorney, and the author of the Sea Story series. Albertson worked in several fields and diverse roles for over four decades before becoming an author. He joined the U.S. Navy as a radioman after completing high school and traveled to over 19 countries during his tenure. Albertson developed several ideas for interesting and intriguing thriller stories based on his observations and his peers’ experiences. However, he could not convert his ideas into novels until several decades later.

    After his honorable discharge from the navy, Albertson moved to San Antonio, TX, and completed his B.A. in psychology from the University of San Antonio. He also worked as a Staff Sergeant in the Texas Air National Guard. He later completed his Juris Doctorate from St. Mary’s University School of Law in 1987 and started his legal career. Albertson worked as an attorney in various firms in different positions while focusing on real estate law. He operated his law firm, Albertson Law Group, from 1993 to 2009, before joining Fidelity Investments as the estate planning vice president, where he worked until 2017.

    Mark Albertson started his writing career in 2013 with an adult care book, Caring for Older Relatives. The non-fiction book focuses on caring for elderly relatives while managing financial, legal, and psychological challenges. However, Albertson started concentrating on his novelist skills in 2017 to realize his 42-year goal of writing novels based on experiences and ideas from the U.S. Navy. He completed his first novel Steaming: A Sea Story, in 2020. The novel’s success and positive response compelled Albertson to continue writing thriller novels. Albertson’s second novel from the series, Spying: A Sea Story, came out in 2021 and also received critical acclaim and a favorable audience response. He published the third novel Stalking: A Sea Story, in 2022, following the same theme and pattern of mysterious circumstances and events in the U.S. Navy. The author will release another crime thriller, Jemez, in 2023.

    Mark Albertson is also a prominent speaker with over 1,000 speaking engagements, including estate planning seminars, continuing education courses, keynote events, and teaching sessions regarding estate planning. Albertson’s teaching and speaking sessions focus on estate planning and management. He taught professionals at Merrill Lynch, New York Life, Charles Schwab, Ameriprise Financial Advisors, Smith Barney, Edward Jones, National Business Institute, Waddel and Reed, the Academy of Special Needs Planners, and Lutheran Brotherhood Insurance. Albertson also conducted sessions with the Seattle Association of Life Underwriters, Rainier Association of Life Underwriters, South Puget Sound Estate Planning Council, Twin Harbor Association of Life Underwriters, the Washington Society of Enrolled Agents, and Tacoma Pierce County Association of Life Underwriters. He has also given speeches to public and private employees at IBM, Boeing, Microsoft, Multicare Hospital Group, Aerojet Corporation, and the Bellevue School District. Mark Albertson is a prominent attorney, thriller novelist, and public speaker who intrigues and entertains his audiences and readers with fascinating novels and speeches.

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