Umbe B: The Charismatic Reggaeton Artist Taking Over Canada’s Latin Music Scene


    Humberto Esteban Bailo Gonzalez / Umbe B Born in Havana, Cuba, Umbe B is a charismatic reggaeton artist who has gained a massive following in the Latin music world. With a unique blend of reggeaton and trap influences, Umbe B creates a fresh and energetic sound that has captivated audiences around the world. In search of new challenges, Umbe B moved to Canada with the goal of creating a Latin music landscape for English-speaking people.

    Umbe B discovered their love for music at a young age and started performing in local clubs and venues while still in high school. With a natural talent for rhythm and storytelling, he began writing their own songs and quickly gained a following in the reggaeton scene. In 2013, he founded an urban Latin music group and released their debut album which was met with critical acclaim and became nominated in Cuba for new talent of the year.

    Since then, Umbe B has continued to release chart-topping songs, solidifying his place as a leading young talented name in reggaeton. After moving to Canada in 2019 to continue his musical journey he has become a recurrent name in the Latin community in the city of Toronto gaining the nickname of The Latin King of the North. He is known for high-energy performances and catchy beats. He has earned numerous press covers and recognition, in important magazines like Canadian Beats, Cash Box, and Tinnitist among others.

    Beyond their music, Umbe B is dedicated to giving back to their community. He has supported local schools back in Cuba and provided aid to families in need.

    With a passion for creating music that connects with audiences, Umbe B is an electrifying performer and a true icon of Latin music in Canada. Whether he is headlining his own shows or collaborating with top producers in the industry, Umbe B continues to captivate fans with their innovative and high-energy sound.

    In conclusion, Umbe B is a talented artist who combines a unique sound with a passion for making a difference in the world. Their music and energetic performances have made him one of the most sought-after artists in reggaeton while continues to climb to the top of the world.

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