Jack Farmer’s Notable Accomplishments Are Lighting Up His Path toward His Full Circle Moment


    Life is a unique blend of failures and successes; owning all sorts of hardships makes a person a true achiever. An outstanding DJ, host, and commentator – Jack Farmer, is the best example of how a continuous effort can lead to notable accomplishments. He gained ground in a jiff as he continuously delivered entertaining performances to his audience.

    Being a real live wire and fun to be around, Farmer knows how to hook his audience to an event. Though always prepared for his shows, the ability to perform anything and anywhere comes naturally to him. Over the years, Farmer has polished his abilities via different pursuits. During college, he got good grades on a book report for a book he hadn’t even read but he delivered his presentation with phenomenal entertainment skills, forecasting his hosting abilities. 

    Life didn’t always have the best to offer to Farmer; he had his fair share of setbacks as well. He first went to a small DJ company, where he worked in their warehouse to pay for school. After a while, he moved into their sales department where his oral skills made this transition a smooth sail for him. Eventually, he became their Business Development Manager. Hopping from one thing to another did not derail him from his goals; amidst all this, he never forgot his real passion.

    So, after some time, he worked toward his passion and left the DJ company and started managing himself. He succeeded in his ventures and has provided services as a DJ and MC at over 1000 events. Not only did he make those events memorable, but he received awards like The Knot Best of Weddings – Hall of Fame, WeddingWire Awards, and Yelp Best of Awards. 

    His accomplishments paved the way for Maria Menounos’ AfterBuzz TV, where he played a significant role on their Sports and Wrestling channel. He has done everything from writing articles to being a show’s panelist, to doing green screen social media clips. He then got an opportunity to have his own show, where he covered the matches of an infant wrestling company, All Elite Wrestling (AEW). 

    A triumphant career for Jack Farmer is the anticipation of his future participation in major shows like Wrestlemania, UFC, or the NFL. He is looking forward to putting his skills into action as a ring announcer, introducing some big shots of the wrestling industry. But that’s not the only full circle moment he desires; having something to call his own, like a game or reality show, is what Farmer believes would look like a massive success to him, and we believe he’s perfectly tailored to this. Follow Jack Farmer on Instagram, Twitter, or other social media at @realjackfarmer


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