Westjet Dropping Direct Flights Between Thunder Bay and Toronto

Thunder Bay Airport
Thunder Bay Airport

CALGARY – BUSINESS – WestJet has announced a significant increase to its summer schedule, offering more seats and flights across its network.

However Westjet while increasing the airline’s flights from Thunder Bay to Winnipeg is eliminating direct flights from Thunder Bay to Toronto.

Travellers from Thunder Bay to Toronto will have to choose either connecting from Winnipeg to Toronto if they are wanting to fly Westjet or choose Porter, Air Canada or Flair.

Westjet say that with nearly 600 daily departures during peak travel days, the airline’s summer schedule enhancements will provide more opportunities for Canadians to travel seamlessly across the airline’s domestic, trans-border, and international network this summer.

“The decision to expand its schedule comes as a result of a thoughtfully designed plan that balances the high demand for travel with a reliable and resilient operation”, said John Weatherill, WestJet Group Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer. “With more seats available for booking and added capacity on popular routes, our summer schedule reflects a strengthened commitment to providing seamless domestic and transborder connectivity for our guests,” he added.

WestJet’s summer schedule will feature a 64 per cent increase in seat capacity to/from Regina, a 46 per cent increase in seat capacity to/from Saskatoon, a 44 per cent increase in seat capacity to/from Edmonton, a 42 per cent increase in seat capacity to/from Winnipeg, a 27 per cent increase in seat capacity to/from Calgary, a 13 per cent increase in seat capacity to/from Kelowna, and a 5 per cent increase in seat capacity to/from Vancouver.

These enhancements will allow WestJet’s guests to have more travel options and enjoy seamless connectivity across the airline’s network. With increased capacity on popular routes, WestJet’s summer schedule improvements demonstrate the airline’s commitment to meeting the needs of its customers.

WestJet’s summer schedule enhancements will begin in May and continue throughout the summer months. The airline encourages Canadians to book their flights early to take advantage of these increased travel opportunities.

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