Helping People Find Peace and Happiness While Giving Hope through Inspirational Books and Talks – Gershom Sikaala


    Many people experience frustration, depression, and anxiety due to unfulfilling lives or a lack of hope and social support. Social support systems, families, and friends play a primary role in helping people avoid depression and escape from the endless circle of despair and sadness regardless of the challenges, circumstances, and challenges. However, many people cannot curtail their frustration or depression even with the support of their friends and family members. They require help from individuals who can guide them through life’s complexities by offering expert advice and spiritual guidance.

    Thousands of people offer advice and spiritual support while guiding others to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life by getting in touch with spirituality and seeking consolation in God’s word. Pastors are the perfect example of such people who guide people in spiritual matters while offering advice on living happy and peaceful lives through spirituality. Most pastors focus on the religious aspects of life. However, some people like Gershom Sikaala promote a multipronged strategy for improving lives rather than only focusing on spirituality. Sikaala guides and helps people lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives through his compelling books and inspirational talks.

    The author is the founder and CEO of the Global Charity Initiative, the founder and president of His Presence Ministries, and the creator of the PureKonect social networking platform. He is also the author of several books, including How to Heal the Soul, Speak to the Wind, Delete Offense, Extra Ordinary Love, and Look at God. Apart from being a prominent entrepreneur and author, Sikaala is also an inventor, mentor, and philanthropist. Being an influential person with a multitalented personality commands a sense of responsibility to others. Sikaala recognized this responsibility and developed the charity initiative and ministries to help people fight depression, anxiety, and frustration while developing a connection with God. He also co-founded a company that develops and sells bamboo-made bicycles, Zambikes. The company promotes sustainability and environmental conservation while enhancing the joy of bike riding and supporting the local population by creating jobs.

    Gershom Sikaala completed his bachelor’s degree in business administration and his doctorate in philosophy and humanity from United Graduates College Seminary in Virginia. He was the prayer coordinator for the FIFA World Cup in Germany in 2006. Sikaala turned his attention to philanthropic and business activities in 2007 by engaging in charity ministries and feeding programs while distributing over 150,000 pairs of shoes among the needy. He also served as the global prayer coordinator for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Sikaala established his Presence Fire Ministries in 2014 and assumed the role of president. Sikaala also started the Global Charity Initiative non-profit organization in 2019 and became the chief executive officer. He became the international coordinator for the US United Community Chaplain Association, a theology academic institute, in 2019. Sikaala also sang alongside famous singers for the English version of the Grammy-award-winning song Baraye by prominent Iranian singer Shervin Hajipour. Sikaala sang the English version of the song at Taylor Hudson Studio, and the first lady of the United States also presented an award for the song in 2023. Sikaala is also the president and commander-in-chief chaplain for the California State Committee. In 2021, Gershom Sikaala founded the social media platform PureKonect and became the company’s CEO.

    Gershom Sikaala developed the social media platform PureKonect in 2021, enabling users to connect with others while sharing blogs, posts, comments, photos, and marketing advertisements. The social media platform also offers end-to-end encrypted private chat services to users. People on PureKonect can also join Sikaala’s inner circle comprising interactive classes where he teaches living happy and healthy lives based on his books. Sikaala is a motivational speaker who regularly gives motivational and inspirational talks in churches and business conferences. He has also shared the stage with John C. Maxwell on leadership in Ohio. Sikaala also mentors many celebrities and people who want to achieve success and satisfaction.

    Gershom Sikaala is also a prominent author. He published several books in his writing career from 2011 to 2022, focusing on various topics. Sikaala started writing with You Shall Live in 2011 and wrote A New Dimension of Glory five years later in 2016. He wrote Breakthrough Thinking in 2018, The Game of Decisions in 2019, and Knowing Yourself in 2020. Two of his books came out in 2021, including Look at God and Speak to the Wind. He authored Delete Offense in 2022. Gershom Sikaala helps people find peace and happiness while giving hope and advice for living healthy and happy lives through inspirational talks and books.

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