The future of dental implantology: Dr. Frank Zastrow’s contribution to the further development of augmentative technologies


Dr Frank Zastrow is a well-known oral surgeon from southern Germany and founder of the educational platform “”. He has a wealth of experience in the field of dentistry and is well respected by his colleagues. His extensive knowledge and skills have earned him a reputation as a leading expert in dental implantology and bone augmentation.

Dr Zastrow began his career as a research associate in the maxillofacial department of the University clinic Heidelberg, Germany, and then became senior physician at the renowned Schloss Schellenstein Clinic under the medical director Professor Fouad Khoury. His work at the clinic helped him improve his skills in oral surgery and he broadened his experience treating patients with complex bone deficits.

Dr Zastrow’s passion for dental implantology and the desire to help patients led him to open 2012 his own private clinic Dr. Zastrow & Colleagues in Wiesloch, Germany.

Dr. Zastrow is a pioneer in the field of implant dentistry and is known for his work with the patient’s own REAL BONE, which is considered the Gold standard in the field of implant dentistry. He has also developed his own innovative and now globally patented technique called the Semilunar Technique (SLT), which simplifies the bone grafting process and has already helped many patients achieve successful results.

Dr Zastrow has been an international speaker at numerous conferences and events worldwide for many years. He is known for communicating complex dental procedures in a simple and understandable way in his training courses and lectures for colleagues. He is an expert in bone and soft tissue reconstruction in complex cases and has already helped many patients with difficult bone conditions to get fixed teeth.

Dr Zastrow is active on social media and has a large following on Facebook and Instagram. He shares his expertise with his students and followers. His Facebook group REAL BONE BUILDERS is already followed by more than 16,000 international doctors. The platform helps to exchange ideas on complex implantology cases and to network with other dentists and oral surgeons worldwide.

In summary, Dr. Frank Zastrow is an experienced oral surgeon, clinic owner and pioneer in the field of bone augmentation with autologous bone. His passion for dental surgery and desire to help patients have made him a leading expert in his field. He is well respected by his peers and has helped many patients achieve successful outcomes through his innovative techniques and expertise.

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