Looking Forward to Spring? Here is the Long Term Weather Outlook

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It’s understandable to feel disappointed after experiencing record-breaking warmth during the heart of winter in most parts of Canada. We might have thought that spring had arrived early, but it seems like we need to be patient and wait a little longer for consistent warm weather.

The Weather Network’s Spring Forecast for March, April, and May predicts that winter will try to make up for lost time during March and even into April, bringing several more rounds of wintry weather across the country. Most of Canada can expect near-normal or colder temperatures for the season, and there will likely be an active storm track bringing near to above normal precipitation.

While extended periods of early spring-like weather during the heart of winter may have provided false hope that spring was arriving early, we can still hope for a strong ending to the season with warmer and drier weather. Despite a slow start to spring in British Columbia and the Prairies with below normal temperatures, there is good news for those who enjoy skiing, as the cooler weather and slightly above normal precipitation should allow for an extended spring ski season.

Atlantic Canada experienced mild weather for most of the winter, but a colder pattern during March and April, along with an active storm track, should bring a stronger ending to a lackluster season. However, spring should recover during the second half of the season with warmer than normal temperatures across most of the region.

In Northern Canada, southern parts of the Yukon and southwestern parts of the NWT can expect colder than normal spring temperatures, while a strong blocking pattern over Greenland and Baffin Island should bring above normal temperatures to northeastern parts of Nunavut. A cold start to the season is expected around Hudson Bay due to the polar vortex lingering in that region, but near-normal precipitation is expected across most of the region.

Overall, it’s important to remember that weather patterns are unpredictable and can change at any time. Let’s stay patient and hopeful for warmer weather as we head into the spring season.

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