8 Ways To Use Automotive Repair Marketing For Your Local Auto Repair Shop


    Automotive repair marketing is a huge part of making money and really growing your client base. You can get a huge amount of people that are looking for a repair to come to your shop if you have the right marketing. There are a few ways that you can use marketing to make the most of your business and we want to help.

    1. Keep In Touch

    This is one of the best ways to get repeat customers and to really get those that have come to your business to keep coming back. Oftentimes, when you run a repair shop, you are going to come in contact with people that are only willing to have the basic repairs done. If you have customers that are doing this, it might be beneficial to contact those customers and see if their car is still running well, or if they want to come back in and get those declined repairs completed.

    2. Give them Something to Take Home

    Another great way to advertise is to give your customers something home after they have left. This could be a notepad, a pen, or any other small piece of marketing that will help them to see your business name and really keep thinking about it after they have been to your shop. A magnet is a great thing that can help to make your business name and number highly visible.

    3. Send Timely Gifts or Discounts

    Another great way to help you really keep your name in the minds of your customers is to send gifts or other correspondence at different times each year. Remember holidays that are important, birthdays of your customers, and even special occasions in some cases. You can send things like discounts, cards, and more to help your customers know that you are thinking about them.

    4. Consider a Loyalty Program

    This is a big one, a loyalty program does a great deal for your business. It helps your customers know that their business is appreciated, it helps to keep them coming back, and it also helps them to feel that they are getting rewarded for working with your business over others. A loyalty program could be a point system, a free service when you spend a certain amount, money off for different services, and even coupons that are mailed out for exclusive members of the program.

    5. Offer Referral Discounts

    This is another great way to help reward your loyal customers and to help get more people coming in as well. By using a referral program, you are giving your current customers an incentive to bring their friends and family to your business, and you are also going to be giving them the added benefit of coming back and doing more business with you. You can offer discounts for people that refer others, discounts for those being referred, and more.

    6. Run First Time Customer Promotions

    By doing this you can encourage people to switch to your business and to get more help for your business. You can offer a discount on the first service that they have done, you can offer free services, and more. This is a great way to get someone to come and see what your shop has to offer and to encourage them to come back as well.

    7. Use Local Advertising

    This is one of the biggest benefits for your business. By using local advertising you are going to be able to get people that live near and that are more likely to actually come into the shop. By using local advertising, you are going to be able to get more people that are local and that are going to want to use your company for their repair services.

    8. Use Social Media and Online Advertising 

    Online advertising and social media can be more beneficial than you imagine. Social media is going to allow you to target people that are close to you, it is going to allow you to target those people that are actively searching for the services that you offer, and can help you to really optimize the advertising that you are putting forth.

    Do What Works for Your Automotive Repair Shop

    When it comes to your advertising, it is important to take the time to make sure that you are doing the advertising that is going to work for you and that is going to work best for your business. There are tons of advertising out there and taking the time to find what works for you and your business is what is going to make the most impact.

    If you are not sure about any of the methods that we have already discussed, you can try a few and see what works best and what gets you the best return on the money, and the time that you invest in the advertising method. When all else fails, just do what works for you. Social media advertising is a great place to start when you are getting into automotive repair marketing and when you are trying to really find your niche.

    Marketing is a huge part of your business and ensuring that you are marketing to your client base is so important. With the right marketing, you can get plenty of people and you can get many customers that are going to come to your business and to your repair shop.  


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