Chris Cardillo: Film Producer and Actor


    Chris Cardillo is a film producer and actor, passionate about storytelling and creating unique works of art. Specializing in taking raw energy or feelings and incorporating them into imaginative stories, songs, scripts, Cardillo always makes sure to give his audience an entertaining experience.

    Chris has always had a love for the movie industry, having written his very first play when he was only five years old. Without the aid of today’s advanced computer software, Cardillo would use stop and start buttons as editing tools. His efforts eventually lead him to a lead acting role, after simply filling in for some test shots for a producer friend. Subsequently, this led Chris onto the popular film, The Grievance Group (2014), also filling positions as a writer and executive producer on set.

    Cardillo has since gone on to work on many more creative projects. He produced and was the lead actor in The Mint(2022), working alongside big names such as Jenni “JWoww” Farley of Jersey Shore. Chris has also worked with celebrity Tara Reid in his drama movie production Worthless (2018). Cardillo’s acting and producing portfolio is plentiful, having worked on 10 films to date. Cardillo’s very own feature movie, Second Chance City, won Best Screenplay at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.

    Chris is a firm believer that your mindset is the core of any successful artist or entrepreneur. When he was in college, Chris commuted every day to his classes, but instead of letting this time go to waste, he used it for self-improvement by listening to Tony Robbins recordings. He stresses that when you set out on your own path, there can be no such thing as absentee management; success takes an all consuming 24 hour commitment with yourself.

    Chris Cardillo is making waves in the industry with his project, Second Chance City. He has high hopes for the film’s success and will be spending a large part of 2023 on transforming his dreams to reality. Chris is making sure to keep busy and continue working on different creative projects as well. Cardillo is also currently working on another script; an effervescent pop comedy. On top of film writing and production, we can expect a podcast from him soon too. Chris will be focusing his podcast on interviewing actors and influencers alike. Keep up with the latest of Chris Cardillo and follow him on Instagram, @chriscardilloofficial.


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