Meet the Ruhls of the Road’s Julie and Zach Ruhl – Travellers, Content Creators, and Dreamers


    Traveling, for eons, has been seen as a leisure activity available to those with the capital, access, and resources to go on a vacation. At the same time, it has conventionally been limited to a few days, sometimes weeks, from one’s daily routine to let off some steam. It comes as a pleasant change, then, that people worldwide are now trying to make a profession out of traveling.

    From travel vloggers and bloggers to researchers, this niche has grown exponentially over the last couple of years. Successful travel influencers and parents Julie and Zach Ruhl make an excellent case for this novel, nomadic-style living.

    The Ruhls were both born in the Midwest with similar aspirations and curiosities about the world’s workings. They met through a friend shortly after graduating from college at the University of Minnesota. They instantly fell in love, and within just two months of being together, they decided to take their first trip.

    This laid a solid foundation for a stable personal relationship which would eventually translate into a professional one. Today, they are a family of three – Zach, Julie, and their 2-year-old daughter Indie – who travel the world together and learn more about diverse cultures.

    Zach and Julie started traveling full time in 2018 in their VW Eurovan, which they converted into their home. Since then, they have been creating content about traveling and everything in between; a lifestyle they have thoroughly enjoyed. They have been all over the United States, Canada, and New Zealand, among other places.

    They eventually started on what they call a Spartan budget of just $30 a day and have now amassed enough capital, through hard work and diligent maneuvering, to own three rental properties that empower them to continue with their nomadic lifestyle.

    Ruhls of the Road is a multimedia content company started by the couple to document their journey, counsel others looking to break into similar territories, and build a community of travelers. The duo wants to show enthusiastic couples everywhere that traveling and parenthood can go hand in hand and that one need not give up on their career to be able to live a nomadic life. Both Zach and Julie believe that after COVID-19, the possibility of such a career is closer than ever.

    You can check out Ruhls of the Road here. You can also check Zach and Julie on their official Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts.


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