Renée McDonald: How To Use Adversity To Attract The Life You Want


“There are no mistakes, only life lessons. And courage comes after the life lesson,” is a mantra that Renée McDonald lives by in her professional and personal life. She is a renowned therapist, coach, trainer, and Director at Australian Online Therapy Training (AOTT) Pty Ltd. From the beginning, Renée’s life has not been a cakewalk. And yet, she has smiled right through each obstacle, eventually learning to use those challenges to “work out a way forward through some self-development.”

We look at Renée McDonald’s inspiring success story and break down how we can use adversities and challenges to our advantage.

There Are No Mistakes Made, Only Lessons Learned

Renée firmly believes in “not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.” For her, what matters the most is what you take away from the situation. So instead of beating yourself up, note what went wrong, and devise ways to avoid such a situation. She encourages people to look beyond their fear and seek guidance whenever they feel overwhelmed by life.

Become Your Own Loudest Cheerleader

Adverse times can make you feel isolated. But with time, you should learn one thing – you do not really need someone constantly around you. You know how deserving you are of every ounce of the success you will surely achieve one day. While today might not be that day, you still deserve a pat on the back, even if it means giving one to yourself.

Her own journey to success has her rooting for herself. She says, “I feel proud to have offered Australia’s first independently practice-driven online therapy training by a practicing online therapist. I’m also pleased with my capacity to keep going ahead.”

 Get to Work

You probably do not want to hear this at your lowest, but most of the problems that happen lie within your control. Other than a few cases, there is always a workaround; you just need to find it.

“My main advice for upcoming thought leaders is – to get yourself out there, network, and create opportunities for yourself, as they won’t always land in your lap. Create new communities, get supported by a coach, therapist, or supporter to work through your challenges and get advice from others on how to present in different settings,” says Renée McDonald.

Renée encourages people to be proactive in facing their troubles instead of waiting for things to fall into place.

Don’t Sweat It Too Much

For Renée, it’s all a balancing act. She’s aware of how “triggers of anxiety and fear can be so overwhelming that it can create a schism in our minds and get in the way of our ability to connect with others (Porges, 2011). Yet, it is in these very moments that it is best for us to connect. Oxytocin has significance in these moments, as it is not generally released without connections.” Renée McDonald assures.

Most importantly, remember that everything is temporary – both the good and the bad. Whatever you are going through will end, and you will get through it. A conscious approach towards life’s problems can help make your life easier and bring adversities within your control. Psychology helps us understand our brain’s reactions to certain actions and gives us more authority in maneuvering our emotions through different circumstances on our path to success.

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