Jessica Fernandez’s efficient billing services are helping home healthcare companies save hundreds of thousands


    Jessica Fernandez is an entrepreneur with a passion for finance. Her love for numbers and knack for crisis management drove her to help medical businesses in saving precious dollars. In 2019, with a decade worth of medical knowledge, Jessica founded JJ Billing Services. “Though it was a challenging start, I was able to achieve my goals with hard work and determination,” says the young CEO. She has helped many clients create a sustainable cash flow over three years.

    JJ Billing Services deals with clients from the home healthcare, hospice, and adult daycare sectors. The team has effective methods in place to facilitate their customers. Their thorough audits help them analyze business models and create strategies for individual clients. This results in the client receiving the maximum reimbursement, reducing costs, and saving more on the overall bill. Jessica Fernandez and her team ensure the least errors to enable faster claims for their clients. This is how they have been able to help clients increase their revenue by 40-50%. With their work, the team aims to take on the client’s liabilities while they focus on their niche.

    Along with her work, Jessica Fernandez talks about the importance of consistency while building a brand. She believes in achieving success through passionately pursuing one’s dreams yet being conscious of your direction. Working on oneself and being open to criticism is essential in building a successful foundation. Her only advice to new business owners is to keep going because success can only be found once you cross the hurdles blocking your path.

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