FrenchBabyBullz by Mo Shaikh Is Offering an ‘Exotic and Unique’ Breed of French Bulldogs that We Cannot Help but Love


    If you have ever wanted to pet a French Bulldog but couldn’t go for it because fear made you hesitant to do so, maybe this is your sign to reconsider. Bulldogs have often come under perceptions that paint them as vicious creatures, but the reality couldn’t be far from different. With a wrinkled face, bat-like ears, muscular body, and wide-open eyes, Frenchies may look a little intimidating but they can be the most adorable pets you can ever have.

    At least that’s what influencer and dog breeder Mo Shaikh attests to. He and the dogs go back a long way; much of his childhood was spent surrounded by dogs of all breeds, which attributed to his extensive knowledge of them. According to him, bulldogs are perfect pets for everyone, especially for people living in apartment-settings or tight spaces, and have kids. And in bulldogs, French bulldogs (affectionately called Frenchies) are more loveable puppers than anyone else.

    We don’t have many reasons to disbelieve him. Appearance-wise, French bulldogs have that bully style that makes them a special breed. Powerful and proactive, they can also be extremely playful, if treated with love and care. Mo has now been breeding French bulldogs for four years at his company, FrenchBabyBullz, and he has got some of the best breeds of Frenchies that are hard to ignore.

    This post, shared on his Instagram, validates the claim of breeding ‘exotic and unique’ Frenchies at FrenchBabyBullz. The adorable ball of fluff in the post is named ‘Netflix’ – most likely due to his playful demeanor and entertaining antics. Willy Wonka is another little one you should check out, shown here with his towering ears, wrinkled nose, and bully face. Beauty is subjective, and fluffy Frenchies like Netflix and Willy Wonka are their own kind of beautiful.

    “When you adopt a French bulldog, you are actually getting yourself a perfect balance of fun-petting, playfulness, and adorability,” says Mo.

    He further says that Frenchies can be the most easy-going pets if embraced with love. And when they do receive a fair share of affection, they return it manifold. When you get close to them, be ready to be showered with kisses and cuddles, especially in the morning and evening. Moreover, Frenchies can also be easily attachable, meaning that if they form a bond with you, expect immense affection in your presence, and a dejected face in your absence.

    At FrenchBabyBullz, everyone, from the top management to lower staff, will tell you the stories of how difficult it was for them and the dogs to let go of each other. One shared, “You breed a dog for months and then one day, the time comes for separation. It’s an uncomfortable moment, for sure, but knowing that our clients love them equally as us, we are at peace, and so are the dogs. And that’s all we want!”

    To know more about Mo Shaikh and his Frenchies, please head to the company’s website.

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