Star Blanket Cree Nation Reports 2000 Anomalies at Site of Former Residential School

Every Child Matters Orange Shirt Day
Every Child Matters Orange Shirt Day

The Star Blanket Cree Nation, in Saskatchewan, proclaimed that they have located numerous underground irregularities during their search for unmarked graves, making them the first group to provide an effective plan to determine what is buried beneath the surface.

Anyone who needs to reach out and to seek help from some of the existing resources.

·         The Indian Residential School Survivors Society toll free line: 1 (800) 721-0066.

·         24-hour crisis line for residential school survivors is: 1 (866) 925-4419

·         Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868 or Text: 686868

With the help of ground-penetrating radar, they found a child’s jawbone on the ground and also more than 2,000 anomalies at the site of a previous residential school.

As the radar cannot discern human remains from other soil disturbances, the First Nation said it intends to employ advanced DNA recognition techniques in the coming months to find out what exactly is there underground.

Their system could serve as a model for other communities examining for unmarked graves around the nation.

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