All about Jay Iverson’s Journey from Selling Christmas Decor to Web3 Influencer


    Born with a knack for finance and understanding trends, Jay Iverson stabilized himself as a web3 influencer and content creator at 18. Famous for educating people through interactive videos, the German-based individual has provided valuable insight into the world of crypto, NFT, web3, and blockchain.

    At the age of six, Iverson showed signs of becoming a driven and dedicated individual in the future. Since that age, Jay has stayed true to this prediction and has been venturing forward to participate in finance while understanding trends in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

    His understanding of business modules began at the age of six when he took part in the annual Christmas market in his town. During this festival, people came along to set up their stands and sell goods, giving back to the community and celebrating the Christmas spirit. Jay took active participation in this festival by selling hand-made Christmas decorations. These decorations were made from pieces of bark from a dead tree and beautified by adding moss, candle lights, and other Christmas-themed elements.

    The success and sale of his Christmas decorations boosted young Jay’s morale, and since then, he has been dedicating his time and effort to acquaint himself with his surroundings. At age 14, Jay familiarized himself with trading stocks, propelling forward in the finance sector. He came across Bitcoin in 2019 and was immediately captivated after learning more about it from his friend.

    Sadly, not much content or books exist in Germany regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain. Turning to English books, articles, and videos, Jay soon became a fully-versed individual in web3 and crypto. “After some time and more knowledge, I realized that cryptocurrencies and what comes with them have the opportunity to change our world,” says Jay. This motivated him and his friends to write a German book on crypto, aiding the country’s progression and covering the basics of this futuristic technology.

    Currently, the author of “Krypto Starter,” Jay, has become the youngest man to understand and the lead country toward web3. He reached out to a broader audience with the help of his TikTok account, @investments_updates, and currently holds more than 250k followers. His knowledge of web3 and continuous effort to impart the knowledge further has enabled him to become a trendsetter in the world of crypto.

    Jay’s journey from selling Christmas decorations at six to becoming a web3 content creator on TikTok at 18 has led him to collaborate with many well-recognized brands. In addition, he has been invited as the final round speaker at a leading NFT event hosted by NFT.NYC in London. It is right to say that Jay has learned the intricacies and solidified his knowledge of crypto and NFTs as he heads toward a more fruitful and definite future by prioritizing his work and remaining consistent.

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