3 Tips for Effective Content Creation: Hussen Shambesh on How to Be a Successful Influencer


    Hussen Shambesh or better known as HK Shambesh is a social media influencer and content creator with thousands of followers. He believes in the power of creating compelling content as it attracts, engages, and delights customers and connects them with your company, brand, and products. It attracts new visitors to your website and, as a result, generates revenue for your company.

    Born in Libya, Hussen’s parents moved to the UK when he was two. After completing his software engineering from the University of Manchester, he moved to London to pursue a career in IT. The fast-paced lifestyle of London posed many challenges and hurdles along the way as he began to move forward to build a name for himself. After many tests and trials, he succeeded in the credit crunch year 2010 while making a name for himself in the IT sector.

    Content creation can significantly impact your company’s growth rate. Hussen believes that social media influencers can benefit considerably from investing in digital marketing by generating content that appeals to their target audience. He suggests the following tips for effective content creation:


    1. Use customer feedback to create content

    Social media enables you to remain in direct contact with your audience, and  this constant interaction gives you an insight into what they want and require. Hussen utilizes his audiences’ feedback when creating content and urges other influencers to do the same. Creating in-demand content for your audience, whether they’re leaving reviews, commenting on your social media posts, or getting in touch with your sales team, is extremely essential.


    1. Use social media to advertise your content

    Where social media is a great place to connect, it is also a proven method to advertise your content. Hussen’s firm grasp of social media algorithms enabled him to showcase the essence of his work. He believes that when creating content for social media, it is imperative to take measures from where you can promote it. Using hashtags, tagging similar pages, and asking your peers are all part of the advertisement tactics.


    1. Use Email to Promote Your Content

    With more than 135k followers on Instagram, Hussen has utilized email blasts to connect with his followers and distribute his content. Moreover, he says that email content creation allows you to customize your messages for your subscriber list. Dividing your audience into segments and sending them hyper-targeted messages that they will find interesting is a method that Hussen swears by and urges aspiring content creators to do the same.

    Effective content creation increases the likelihood that your content will have greater visibility. It stands true regardless of whether you decide to use social media, email lists, photography, or a combination of these! Behind every content posted on the internet is meticulous planning and ideas that take form and slowly envelope your audience’s interest. Hussen Shambesh’s firm grasp on content creation and knack for diligent planning have propelled him up the social media ladder, and he only intends to continue rising.


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