Game Day, Transfer Rumors & My Decision

Game Day, Transfer Rumors & My Decision

At the start of my high school basketball 2020-2023 season I was nervous, anxious and excited all at once. I had emotions flowing through me because I was coming off of multiple injuries and from a dominating junior varsity year, and I didn’t know what to expect from my varsity teammates. I was searching for my place on the team. I had the support from the coach (Coach Everson Simmons aka Coach E) and my JV coach Ryan Rudisill who was now my Assitant coach on varsity. I had the support from some of my teammates and other friends and of course I had major support from my family.

The first five (5) games I was up and down; I mean I didn’t play in the first game because I was coming off a sprained ankle and the next couple of games I wasn’t ready mentally – well maybe I was but I wasn’t as confident as I am now! My support from my family is what gave me that push and the extra confidence I needed to perform like my coaches needed me to. I went on and had a few good games where I scored 12 pts, 14 pts and in my last game 16 pts. I even got my first dunk in game on a pass from Andrew Grimes #15 (@andrew_grimes15 twitter)  with me catching a lob with one hand and dunking it.

Prep schools are wanting me to transfer now. I have tons of messages from pre schools from Florida, NC and now Massachusetts all wanting me to transfer. Should I go? Should I try it were my thoughts at first because I wasn’t sure if I just needed a fresh start somewhere else. I didn’t have problems where I was at I was frustrated with myself sometimes and frustrated on the court but I wasn’t sure why or who I was frustrated with at the time; but it’s all coming together now.

I’m enjoying the coaches, the practices and my teammates. I am starting to feel like I belong here at Clayton High with my varsity teammates. We are starting to click and starting to understand one another. All of the players on the team can really play and dominate their position. In our last two games to me it seem as if we are starting to understand each other, know each other and trust each other.

GAME DAY – no matter the competition my teammates and I are ready to compete.

I think my future is bright here with my teammates and the coaching staff at Clayton. After this season I have two more years left before college life and I plan on figuring out my next step in the off season. I need to figure out what colleges or conference I would like to play in although I have some colleges interested in me now but I need to figure out a good fit. I will speak with my coaches and family to help me figure this out, but for now I’m here with Clayton Comets and I am “ALL IN.” So no prep schools, Cleveland, West Johnston or Raleigh Christian Academy (RCA) at this time since my dad make jokes about me leaving for those other good schools. I am a student/athlete at Clayton High School – Comets All In.

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