Sean Wilson Shares Habits That Helped Him to Become a Musical Success


    Indeed, reading about someone’s journey, the hardships they overcame, and how they eventually achieved success can become the sort of example that encourages us to persist in achieving our own goals. Sean Wilson’s inspirational journey is the perfect example of turning passion into a profession. His rollercoaster ride of rags to riches only proves there is a greater likelihood that money and traditional success will follow because the time and effort invested in the venture come with enthusiasm and zeal.

    Growing up in a family of musicians, his parents taught Sean to play complex musical instruments. His parents have always been passionate about music; seeing this, he created an appreciation, knowledge, and discipline for music. During his college days, he never had a chance to pursue formal music training, but practicing music every day at school, churches, and college events trained him in various ways to listen to songs by ear and play them without sheet music.

    Even though Sean got a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, his love of music drew him to create his company Sean Wilson Piano LLC, where he teaches online courses, specializing in gospel music. It all started with a dare from a friend. Soon after, he realized that learning music was akin to learning an entirely new language. The realization dawned upon him earlier, but the implementation came in later. Starting a new career at the age of 35, the single father of four took a risk, and he is always amazed at how far he has come. But what is his secret to success?

    Music creators are typically selling both products and services to various audiences. Live music performance is a service they sell when they book shows at venues, or they can guide their followers via social media handles and create educational content for aspiring musicians. For Sean, it’s a multi-tasking road as he created his own music, ran his learning hub, and shared musical tips and motivational videos through his Youtube channel.

    The Secret Recipe for Success

    In addition to utilizing and showcasing his talent to the best of his abilities, there are a plethora of habits he attributes his success to.

    Curiosity and attention to detail – His curiosity has been a blessing in disguise for him as he is curious to understand the mind, feelings, and thoughts of the musician he is studying. Never one to be reluctant in peeling the layers, Sean contemplated the nitty gritty with utmost focus.

     Self-Confident – Next comes his self-confidence and inner validation that helped him navigate, even in uncertainty and hopelessness. He managed to beat the odds by establishing a new career in midlife, all while juggling his divorce and providing for his children.

    Commitment – As a musician and coach, Sean believes in working hard, but as a music entrepreneur, he is committed to working consistently. ‘I posted my first video on YouTube on Thursday at 4:30 pm. From that point on, I released a video every Thursday at the same time. Musicians knew when to expect and anticipate video releases from me, so an audience for my content grew because of the consistency and the value I provided for them’, he explains.

    In life, you must tear down any barriers that are impeding your progress and, if necessary, shift your path to achieve your ultimate goal. Sean Wilson’s love for music and passion for playing piano by ear has already impacted the industry. His self-made journey of effort and zeal is an example to all young artists who desire to pursue their passions, and we are sure he will conquer much more in the future.





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