Why Do You Need a Fire Watch Guard Now

fire watch guard

Fires are the kind of accident that can cause serious damage to property and lead to loss of lives. This is the main reason why governments mandate it whenever they see fit. There are business owners who are ready to invest in fire protection systems and insurance that can cover this kind of accident. Fires could be someone’s most traumatic life experience and it is no joke.

No matter how much you are prepared, fire can still happen anytime or anywhere. No matter how advanced your fire protection system and equipment are, there is still a percentage that it may not work. As you can observe, these systems still require human intervention and could be difficult to know if it is operational for those who are not experts.

Who are fire watch guards?

Fire watch guards can provide round-the-clock protection against fires. They are professional security guards that focus on fire prevention or taking the proper action in case there’s a fire. They have the knowledge and expertise to pinpoint areas where a fire could start and stop it from happening. When a fire becomes unmanageable, fire watch guards can guide people for evacuation and immediately notify the fire department.

Do you really need their service?

The services of fire watch guards are required when your fire alarm or prevention systems are not working. They serve as the “alarm” when a fire starts when the mentioned systems are under maintenance. This could be the main reason why fire watch guards are hired for their services, but only a few understand their importance. Here are some of the reasons why one should avail of their services.

Continuous monitoring

As mentioned, whether it is working or not, fire watch guards are the best replacement for fire protection systems. As we know it, these systems and equipment only work when a fire starts. These security guards can check where there is a risk of fire and stop it from happening. They can even walk through the area and provide an assessment.

Prioritize contacting the fire department

When everyone else is panicking due to the fire, they may forget to call the fire department. People would try to save themselves and the important items, but they did not remember to call firefighters. Fire watch guards try to assess first the situation, checking if the fire can be addressed by a fire extinguisher or other items like a fire blanket. If not, it would really require the services of the firemen.


As you may have observed with security personnel, they are consistent in taking notes. Through this, it will help not to forget even the smallest details. Fire watch guards can assist retain accurate documentation of their patrol findings by providing and monitoring records. Property or company owners can check such logs at any time. These notes will be required by authorities and insurance companies if a fire occurs.

If you are a business or property owner, it is not too late to protect your investment or business against fire. In addition to your fire protection systems, hiring the services of fire watch guards could be the best thing to prevent this accident from happening.

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