Advice: How to get into cybersports?

Advice: How to get into cybersports?

Today we are witnessing a real cybersports boom – for a huge number of people between the ages of 15 and 30, computer games have become a way to earn a living. And some professional players earn six-figure sums in wages, sponsorship money and prize money. So why don’t you follow their example? But it doesn’t take much effort to keep up with e-sport news and you can do it all in one place – the PlayScore news portal, for instance.

But you have to realize that engaging in eSports on a professional level is very hard work. Tips for new eSports players and aspiring teams alike.

Where to start?

If you decide to become a cyber athlete, you can, of course, quit your training or your main job. But we advise you not to do this, because you always need a “backup plan” in case you fail. Even those who have the talent of an organizer with the necessary connections should first solve the financial issue and only then come up with concrete offers to potential sponsors.

Recruitment of the team

This is painstaking and complicated, so my advice is to start with a small pack of two (preferably three) people. This will be the so-called backbone of the team, from which you can already build upon, recruiting people for the right roles. No matter how it turned out, you will always have this skeleton – it is important, because one in the field is not a warrior. Players in the team you can look anywhere: on the forums, in the public, in the yard, it does not matter, good players can be found anywhere. Creating a strong team is usually not a quick process, so be patient.

The right people 

You will definitely need someone who will be constantly looking for all of these tournaments online and registering you there. Usually such people are called a manager, but to be honest, this can be done by absolutely any team member who is really interested in making their way in this unfortunate eSports game.


You should always analyze your game, study the game of professional eSports players, watch their replays until you begin to understand all the subtleties of the game. There is no need to achieve everything by trial and error. Watch, understand, and repeat. See it, understand it, repeat it.

But do you love the game enough to play it every day for 6, 7, 8 hours a day? It’s essential if you want to become a progamer. The best cyber athletes have a clear training schedule because it’s the only way to really get high results.

The best cyber athletes live in special houses where they train under the supervision of coaches. It’s not that important when you’re at the beginning of your cyber sports career, but it’s something to think about if you want to become the best.


If you train a lot, you don’t have to forget about life. Many professional cyber athletes started their careers in their teens, today many already have families and children of their own. Friends and family are very important to your psychological well-being.

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