Maya Bernaia – Founder and CEO of ‘IamFuture’ and the exciting NFT gaming project Metarollers is on the roll


    She has put her entrepreneurial streak to work, and has done wonders around the Web 3.0 space.

    The world is moving ahead at a fast pace, with many technological advancements being introduced back-to-back. Out of the recent developments which has taken the world’s workings a step further is Web 3.0 which has introduced many innovative things which are way beyond our thinking. The DeFi space is one of them as it has unleashed a plethora of opportunities for the world which needs to be explored in the right manner. Many individuals have delved deep into this space, trying to figure out how it works, and have been able to find answers which are convincing. Maya Bernaia is one of them as she has been successful in decoding the workings of this sphere and utilized it to its maximum.

    According to her, Web 3.0 has brought along with it a lot of interesting opportunities which needs to be tapped rightly and that’s what she has tried to do. She has done exceptionally well as an entrepreneur and investor and now wants to make a splash around the DeFi space. She recalls how at an early age of four, the entrepreneurial bug had bitten her as she has started offering items for sale. Coming from Ukraine which didn’t provide much opportunities, she was forced to get out of her comfort zone and look for opportunities elsewhere. Completing her MBA in strategic management and a PhD in international relations, she set out to fix her career. Her undying spirit helped push herself to her maximum limits, which eventually gained her wide recognition as she became one of the best known players in this space.

    Today, she heads IAmFuture as its Founder and CEO. The company offers unique strategic solutions around marketing, development and consultation hovering in the Metaverse sphere. She has also formed Metarollers, a skill based game aimed at the rollerskating community, spread globally. The game has a unique format where the player skates across cityscapes built within its framework, facing the challenges that come along, collecting artifacts and performing tricks to collect NFTs that can be traded universally. The rewards can be transferred to something which has a real world value. This perform-to-earn platform will thrill game enthusiasts as they can play as well as earn along their gaming journey.

    Maya says that there’s huge scope in the things that Web 3.0 is unfolding. We have already seen the impact NFTs and digital assets have created. These technological advancements are going to unleash more in the future and people should be ready to sync with this whole new world which will bring a plethora of opportunities for all. The Web 3.0 space is going to unravel a whole lot of exciting things which people should adapt to at the earliest to make most out of it. “Being one step ahead will always work in your favour and help you in the long run,” says Maya.



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