Mohammad Rasoul Arsalan Pour is one of the most well-known musical artists who has helped many people to progress


    Who is Mohammad rasoul arsalan pour? This young man was born in 2005 in Tehran, Iran, and he was interested in music since he was a child. He always wanted to help people one day.

    He started his activity in 2019 in an advanced way and released his first music in 2022 called “day” and was welcomed by people. Mohammad rasoul arsalan pour ‘s music genre is electronic.

    He has a slogan that he always says (life music).

    He is now helping many people to learn music, and Mohammad rasoul arsalan pour is now donating half of his income to low-income families.

    Recently, Hatem Hatami, the popular director of Iran, has offered Mohammad rasoul arsalan pour to act in a movie called “Guitar”, the story of this movie is about a child who is interested in music and with his own will and effort collects money to buy a guitar for But learning music has many challenges

    But this young man has not yet given his opinion about playing with this movie because he is recently busy with a songwriting project, which is going to release an album called “Galaxy”.

    For more information, follow Mohammad Rasoul Arsalan Pour on Instagram @arsalan_pour.

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