9 Features To Consider When Selecting A Partner Training LMS Platform

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Many LMS providers are vying for your business and touting their superiority over the competition. However, not all of them will be useful for you. Is your company’s learning management system designed specifically for partner training?

External training programs, such as client and partner training, put emphasis on their actual needs compared to the internal training processes, such as compliance training and performance management. The organization, management, and execution of such a training program equip your partners with the knowledge and abilities required to market, expand, and support your offering on your behalf. The implementation of this training is made easier with the use of a learning management system. 

Moving from traditional training to an organizational learning management system simplifies things and provides you with extra benefits. Your firm will be able to rapidly grow a partner program using an LMS, assuring that your partners are up-to-date on the upcoming brand and product details. 

In this article, we will go over some useful LMS features that can aid your organization with effective partner training. 

An LMS is a cloud-based software that integrates and automates different aspects of training. It is advantageous to conduct partner training on an LMS for several reasons, including ensuring that all partners are aware of your brand, services, and product features, as well as how to market your offerings. Here are the nine most useful LMS features for efficient partner training.

The best partner training software should include the following features:

A Pleasant User Experience

When searching for partner training software, be sure it has an easy-to-use interface. Having an intuitive interface, whether on mobile or desktop, will remove the barrier to your partners completing your course and learning more about your company.

Tracking And Reporting

Data collection allows you to see how your partners participate in your training program. There are numerous benefits to using an LMS for partner training. It provides an even more useful tool for reviewing and enhancing your training when combined with sophisticated tracking and reporting. Additionally, with the aid of advanced reporting, you will be able to recognize and assess the benefits that LMS partner training provides to your company.

It is even more crucial to visualize this data for efficient partner training. The detailed reports can assist you in making modifications while developing new courses or bringing on new partners. Look for partner training software with detailed tracking options so you can fine-tune your courses over time.


As there is no one-size-fits-all method for partner training, your preferred partner training software must allow you to customize your programs. The same can be said for the overall look and feel of a course. The aesthetic of your brand, including the colors, logos, and other distinctive visual elements of your company, must be consistent throughout all training materials. Evaluate whether the platform you’re considering allows for this amount of customization and whether it can support the adjustments you want to make.

Monetization Of Training

The right partner training software will allow you to grow your bespoke training sessions and sell them to your partners. By monetizing your training course, you can strengthen your relationships with your partners, raise your reputation as an authority in your industry, and support more training programs in the future. 

For any organization, creating training content requires an initial investment, but it only pays off in the long run. Offer partners discounts and a selection of pertinent and personalized materials that address their concerns if you want to boost your outside sales. Make sure the interface is simple to use and allows you to enter your own KPIs for reporting and analysis.

Organizational Hierarchies

Organizational hierarchies make tracking and reporting easier, keeping you informed about which partners are using particular programs. Depending on how your company is set up, organizational hierarchies in partner training software assign different levels of access to different users, teams, and organizations. This functionality is especially crucial when working with outside partners because it lets you keep your materials separate.


Certification is a great way to motivate your partners, whether you have a long-term connection with them or are onboarding them for the first time. Select partner training software that allows you to give certificates and badges in association with your training programs to strengthen coordination with your partners. It’s much better if the program supports unique, configurable, and digital certification. Posting evidence of expertise on social media may give partners a competitive edge.

Flexible Pricing

Every partner training program should be priced in levels. This framework makes it accessible to smaller companies while also allowing you to expand to meet the demands of industry leaders while maintaining the same quality level for all sorts of organizations.

Additionally, the platform ought to offer extra features that let you customize the experience at even the lowest tier. And, if you don’t need some particular features, the system should be able to delete them or replace them with ones you do need to help you stay within your budget.

Long-Term Assistance

The scope of eLearning has shifted, especially as a result of the pandemic’s effects. Go for partner training software that delivers assistance whenever required, regardless of where your partners are located.

Having a workforce dedicated to training course management frees up internal resources. A well-supported platform, with regular modifications and feature updates, allows you to withstand any disruption and offers support even for the most technical challenges.

Course Configuration Options

After you’ve made your training content available, it must be accessible to your partners in a variety of ways. Partner training software enables your partners to access the courses that are most appropriate for them and address their day-to-day issues.

As a result, the platform must include a fully searchable course collection, self-paced courses, comprehensive assessments and quizzes, downloadable videos, and feedback systems such as surveys. It should also adhere to the SCORM eLearning standard.


Your partners will be empowered with expert-level product knowledge with the correct LMS and proper training, allowing them to sell products more efficiently. You may strengthen their loyalty by providing a structured partner training program, showing your interest in their achievements, and fostering a stronger bond.

The best enterprise learning management systems with excellent channel partner training features help you to deliver interactive marketing strategies, procedures, services, and products to channel partners. You can also track and analyze your partner’s activities to determine which of them requires more attention to reach competency.

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