Creativity and music, We invited Mahoor Afshar to join us in this interview


    In the old days, it was considered a necessary and important principle to pronounce the words correctly in the profession of singing.

    So that if someone did not have the correct expression, he would definitely be rejected in the initial tests, and the work of releasing an album and holding a concert would not even reach the point of recording a single song.

    Singing with new Persian letters

    But now it is completely the opposite. Not only is the correct expression not so important, but the more specific and unique this expression is, the more likely the reader is to succeed.

    We have seen its example many times in recent years. Take Benyamin’s special and idiosyncratic pronunciation to Hamed Homayoun’s voluminous “A” and now Mohsen Ebrahimzadeh’s “D”.

    I do not want to question the necessity of inventing new styles and methods in music. Whether we like it or not, apart from the traditional music of our country, there are also new styles.

    They have their own fans and they happen to be popular. But the minimum thing that needs to be observed in these music styles is the principles of the Persian language. These singers have a Persian-speaking audience. It is not possible to damage the language to change and make a work special.

    Creativity in words

    I remember a few years ago, a ringing pronunciation of “Sh” became fashionable, and before that, the same pronunciation was considered a kind of speech defect.

    However, exclusive work cannot be produced at any price. Because in most cases, these changes enter the language, and its repeated repetition will cause great damage to the Persian language.

    With the study statistics that are decreasing day by day and the use of emerging terms and words, we have moved far enough away from grammar. So, there is no need to market these arbitrary and self-made principles in the form of official songs.

    There is no doubt that the language is dynamic and new words are constantly added and some words are removed from the vernacular, but not pronouncing the words correctly cannot be justified at all and these cultures must be dealt with and considered in the licensing process.

    A new study shows that listening to happy music promotes divergent thinking, one of the main elements of creativity.

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