Brand Review: Pouches by Athalia

Brand Review: Pouches by Athalia

It’s ingrained that we’re supposed to brush our hair from a young age. Just as someone brushes their teeth, showers regularly, and cares for their body in other ways. No matter how much or little you enjoy brushing your hair as part of your daily care routine, you will inevitably get into the habit, and knowing that it’s beneficial for your hair makes it a real treat. 

But have you ever thought about how to take care of the products you use daily, like your hairbrush? Yes, your hairbrush must be appropriately cared for to avoid some serious hair problems. Alahta brings you the first high-quality hairbrush cover that’s perfect for storing hair brushes to meet this need. An improved version of any existing product in the market. 

A must-have in your Beauty & Personal Care collection. Designed for on-the-go consumers – it gives them the freedom to untangle hairs anytime, anywhere! 

Is it necessary to cover a hairbrush?Yes, 100% – as hair brushes tend to rake up oil, dirt, dust, and other elements from your hair quickly. 

According to experts, leaving the hair lodged in the bristles adversely affects scalp hair, causing more clumps and hair thinning. As time passes, a dirty hairbrush becomes a haven for dust, mites, bacteria, yeast, and other bacteria! 

For your brush to work smoothly and leave no residue behind, make sure it is clean at all times. A hair pouch is therefore necessary to prevent dust and dirt from collecting on brush heads, protecting and guarding the bristles at the same time.

Pouches By Alahta

Pouches by Alahta are designed in a way that makes it possible to house a variety of different-sized hairbrushes and combs. Consumers can machine-wash or wipe clean the pouch thanks to its advanced material. The pouch is affordable, compact, and versatile, making it easy to carry around.

Try it, and you will love using this Hairbrush Pouch!


Keeps your hairbrush organized

Protect brush heads against dirt, and ensure bristles are protected

It prevents dead hair from clogging your brush

The perfect travel companion due to its lightweight and ease of carrying. 

The main idea behind it

With the vision of offering an elegant solution to the problem that plagues many, namely the dilemma of where to keep one’s hair brush because it is exposed in the purse and thus susceptible to damage. 

They are designed to help you save time and stay on top of the essentials of living a clean, healthy life without compromising on anything.

Its compact and versatile design makes it effortless to carry in a purse, tote, backpack, and office bag. 

CEO Athalia Monae states, “Being organized creates discipline, confidence, and productivity.” I am sure many of you feel the same way.

With endless options, Pouches By Alahta has something for everyone. Ideal for
All ages are welcome. Everyone can utilize this pouch.  Best way to use

Using a quality zip, you can open the pouch, then place your hairbrush inside in a smooth, hassle-free manner.

Precautions and hazards

A damp cloth can be used to clean the pouch after washing it in warm soapy water.


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