Why is Rex Teo one of the Top NFT Creators in Asia

Why is Rex Teo one of the Top NFT Creators in Asia
Why is Rex Teo one of the Top NFT Creators in Asia

Rex Teo, who became famous through his Mutant Ape Kids Club NFT, has created more than 3 series of NFTs since January early this year. He has since constantly ranked among the top NFT creators in Asia, constantly invited to well-known conferences like Blockchain Summit, isportconnect summit etc to share his knowledge particularly in the field of NFTs. The question, however, remains: why do people think he’s so good at it? And what are the factors that make him stand out in the NFT industry? Here are the answers you need to know about this rising blockchain influencer and how he creates such outstanding NFTs.

Mutant Ape Kids Club

Mutant Ape Kids Club (MAKC) is the successful NFT creation of Rex Teo. Early this year, it went up to the top 500 all time globally at the biggest NFT marketplace (OpenSea). Later on he founded 2 companies which allow entrepreneurs with keen interest in blockchain and crypto space to come together to build product in the NFT and DeFI space. MAKC 3k collection was sold within 72 hours as it took the world by storm because who doesn’t want an artistic NFT.  Within a week, it has grossed over 10 million in total Sales Revenue with this collection itself.

What exactly is Mutant Ape Kids Club – Mutation 1 (MAKC-M1)

The Mutant Ape Kids Club (MAKC) – Mutation 1 (MAKC-M1) is a collection of 3,000 distinct, non-fungible, digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Later the same year, MAKC launched its M2 collection under the flagship of TRX Labs on Wednesday, 20 April 2022 at 3PM UTC. This is one of the most anticipated NFT projects this year. There are 5,010 NFTs in the M2 collection with 310 traits, one of the highest attribute counts within the NFT space, and 10 legend NFTs that have unique characteristics and attributes. The collection was minted out within 48 hours, once again proving his successful track record in the NFT space

Crypto and blockchain

Rex Teo has been following crypto and blockchain for a number of years. He spends his time exploring and experimenting with these technologies to understand their potential applications. His belief is that they will have an impact on all aspects of life, from finance to healthcare, business and more. They can be used to do everything from voting, running elections and managing people’s identities. They can also be used as tools in peer-to-peer economies. Rex believes there are huge opportunities in applying this technology. His experience in programming means he knows how blockchain works and how it could be applied. The first example he uses is decentralized identity management, where individuals use the system to create their own digital ID, which is recognised by any company or institution across the world.

His Plans In Developing The Field Of Digital Art

Rex has plans to develop the field of digital art. He wants to create a global marketplace for everyone who creates and trades digital assets, which will be decentralized, with an open API and SDK. His goal is to create a new economy that fosters creativity and innovation.  It’s his belief that this project can have a great impact on our culture and the way we consume content in the future. With this shared effort, it’s possible that people around the world will buy more high quality digital goods. With the rise of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, it’s evident that money is changing rapidly. The next generation could see a whole new form of society where they interact more in their leisure time.

Twitter: @rexteo_ups

Instagram: @rexteo_web3

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rex-teo/

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