Started Boxing At The Young Age Of 16, Mario Herrera Is An Example For The Rising Boxing Stars


    There are some who are trained fighters, those who are born to fight, and then there is Mario Herrera. An unstoppable force in the ring with incredible strength, agility, and focus. He is one of the biggest upcoming names in the world of boxing. With the precision of Muhammad Ali and the strength of Mike Tyson, Mario Herrera is one boxer who is indestructible in the ring.

    Mario is a Mexican-American professional boxer from Chicago, Illinois. He was quite young when he took on the responsibilities of the man of the house as his mother was a parent who raised him along with his elder sister. Moving from one place to another in the city of Chicago, Mario didn’t have a luxurious life. Growing up in numerous bad neighborhoods and witnessing much violence, he never had a stable lifestyle. Due to constant violent exposure, it was indeed a difficult time for Mario and his family. While others could pity him, he saw all this as a learning opportunity and understood his mission in life.

    After having his younger brother, Mario Herrera’s mother, Bianca Macias, decided to move to Skokie, a suburban area just north of the city, to raise her children in a safer and more comfortable environment. This allowed Mario and his siblings to become more exposed to better opportunities and growth within themselves. He became a multisport athlete even though it was still tough for his mom to afford the fees. However, she knew that her son would stay out of trouble if he kept himself busy with sports. So, she somehow managed to make it happen – even if that meant working more hours or spending more money they didn’t really have. Ultimately, all the sacrifices his mother bore fruit and helped Mario train like a beast. He knew he was lucky to have a courageous mother who fought every inch for him and his siblings.

    Boxing has been a popular sport in Mexico, and coming from a Mexican heritage, Mario was naturally inclined towards it. On Saturday nights, they would watch boxing matches at a family member’s house and thoroughly enjoy the sport. And it wasn’t until Mario turned 16 that he started boxing. He felt at home while walking toward the ring wearing his boxing gloves. It wasn’t long before he began getting exposure to boxing gyms and fighters through Fernando Perez – Mario’s former strength and condition coach at his high school. With always having to work a little extra to overcome certain obstacles and not having the resources others had while growing up, he always had to make a way in order to prove that he deserved to be recognized. Being engaged in multiple sports allowed him to learn a lot about himself while teaching him how to be disciplined, focused, and strong. What sets this great boxer apart is his sheer hard work and dedication to carve a niche for himself.

    Mario Herrera had a tough childhood, and he did not really know what path to take in life. All he wanted was to become successful like everyone else. It was Fernando Perez, the S&C at Niles West High school, who believed in Mario and helped him when he needed guidance the most. However, all his mentors saw his rage, fire, and pure strength, and wanted to channel it in a way that could benefit everyone, especially Mario. Sport always came easy to him, and boxing felt just right. He owes his success to Fernando because he was the first person who saw his ability to become a great boxer.

    Mario Herrera understands boxing is not for everyone, and truth be told, it isn’t easy either. This sport is for those who like challenges and can overcome whatever comes their way, which is why Mario believes he was made to do this. As he started his boxing journey, he faced many challenges, but nothing seemed to pull him down. He just kept on moving. Just like growing up, he did not have the resources or people who genuinely believed in him, which led to a slow start. Time went by, and he was finally able to adapt and fight. Even though he started small, Mario was successful with 25+ fights as well as winning the 2019 Chicago Golden Gloves. It was just a matter of time before he was called to fight professionally, and as could be expected, this roaring lion became a knockout specialist in the boxing ring. With nine wins, 0 losses, and seven brutal knockouts, Mario Herrera is the best example for the rising boxing stars.

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