Smart Hunting- How Andrew Saltman, Florida’s Leading Realtor, helps you find your dream home.


    Andrew Frank Saltman is a class of his own, having over 12 years of experience & $30 million in sales and with an exemplary track record of success. He has established his reputation as one of the top Florida real estate agents.

    He prides highly on providing personalized services backed by unparalleled market knowledge. Andrew’s personality and his style blend exceptionally with his vision. Andrew’s clients trust his judgment & honest reputation in the real estate industry. Known for his integrity and professionalism, Andrew has gained a reputation as a highly respected real estate professional in his area. In his leisure time, the Florida real estate expert is also a hodophile and an avid reader. ​

    How Can Andrew Help You as a Buyer?

    As an experienced realtor, Andrew can foresee all issues major or minor from miles away, helping you overpower barriers or fix them before your deal goes sideways.

    Avoid impulsive Sales: Selling away your home is always an emotional experience. Having an experienced agent on your side helps you keep a level head & stops you from making impulsive based mistakes like overpricing your home, refusing a potential offer according to the need of time, or giving in a just way too easily, when you could have easily waited for a much better deal. Usually, it’s a bit more challenging for the seller to keep their sentiments out of the sale.

    Access Large Networks: You can definitely list your own home, by yourself on Zillow, Redfin, Craigslist, and even on the multiple listing service (MLS) that most agencies use. But the question is, would that be enough? Even if you have a large network, you cannot expect people to spread the word about your house. You also don’t have sources with clients, area-specific realtors, or even other real estate agencies to gain the access to their pool of possible buyers. A smaller pool of buyers simply means less demand and this can be translated into a long waiting list and possibly not accumulating as much capital as your house’s value and worth.

    Exposures to Legal Risks: A whole lot of legal paperwork is implicated when it comes to a home sale/purchase, and it requires to be concluded in a precise manner by a professional. Unless you, yourself are a real estate solicitor, your agent most probably knows way more about disclosure laws than you. For example, if you somehow forget to share and disclose an issue or defect with the property and the buyer comes and moves in and finds the problem, they can easily sue you for it. Agents can also make errors, but they have professional omissions insurance to cover themselves and give the buyer alternative, so that buyer cannot demand the seller for the damages.

    Negotiation: A market savvy agent can see through all the potential issues with the home that otherwise may have gone overlooked. They will always evaluate the home in great detail while monitoring it professionally. Let’s say, for instance, some areas in the house require modification, your agent will always help to negotiate and get the best deal possible. This negotiation procedure involves harboring the seller to repair the issue as a part of the contract or reducing the price to adjust the future renovations.

    Without the help of a professional realtor, these concerns may go undetected and arise again, or your negotiating skills may not come forth the result as you were expecting. No matter how calm & collected you usually are, buying or selling a home is an overwhelming experience. And by allowing an evenhanded realtor with no sentimental affection to the house makes them best at negotiations and this can prove to be the best decision You’ll make when it comes to acquiring what you desire the most.

    Paperwork: Without any doubt, when it comes to purchasing or selling a home it always comes along with a humongous amount of paperwork. Some of the common documents can include the following:

    • Deed
    • Bill of sale
    • Affidavit of title
    • Seller’s affidavit
    • Transfer tax declarations
    • Written offer
    • Repairs

    With all this paperwork comes signatures, documents, and multiple copies of records. A good real estate agent can easily help you track all of the paperwork in its proper form with proper sequence and ensure that everything is double-checked & signed to make it complete. When concluding a transaction, it’s essential to understand whether sufficient financing is in place, when custody and legal title will be shared, and what essential requirements will be incorporated in the agreement.

    Realtors are professionally prepared to assist you with these particulars. Purchasing a home is an immaculate long-term acquisition. It’s also an achievement as well as a milestone moment of your life. Having an expert Realtor by Your side ensures a smooth and victorious experience for everyone involved.

    Avoid Closing Issues: In the final hours of purchasing or selling a home officially, you don’t want any kind of hiccups. A professional realtor can foresee & predict any possible issues miles away and can help you resolve them in advance.

    Some general closing issues can include:

    • Document errors
    • Mortgage delays
    • Last-minute requests
    • Unclear titles
    • Issues during the final walkthrough

    A skilled realtor will resolve all these issues with ease and will add value with his strategic, and knowledgeable experience.

    Closing Cost Preparation: One of the most critical steps when purchasing a home is to get pre-approved so you know precisely how much you can pay and know if you’ll be comfortable with the mortgage payment. Most agents will press on knowing if the buyer is pre-approved at the time of writing an offer, as they’ll like to know if you have the actual means to accommodate the home you’re purchasing. An experienced agent will always be able to suggest diverse mortgage options to get your pre-approval initiated so that you can start looking for your home with assurance & confidence!

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