The star of football Evangelos Skraparas is here to make a prodigious impact on the audience


    Becoming a professional football player requires stamina, strength and ambition, and the name Evangelos Skraparas represents them all in an extensively immaculate form. From playing it on the streets to making it a life on fields, Evangelos proved that dreams can be fulfilled by devotion and perseverance, and no one can stop you across the path to shine like that one glamorous star.

    Evangelos was playing football for fun until he realized this was his realistic marking in life. Rest, he grew up with a burning passion for being a great footballer, and he was aware that he had the skills to be one. But he was also aware of the requisites and hassles that the game would demand of him. And that is when he began working his way to the top.

    For all the right purposes while making his dreams come true, Evangelos soon got his first “dopamine hit” by securing a place in the Greece National Team of u16-u17. Since then, the desire started serving his thirst and there has been no comeback for this super footballer Evangelos Skraparas. Also in no time, he successfully recorded his name in the top 20 players in the academy of youth Bayer 04 Leverkusen in Germany. Another arrival on the catalogue is no wonder, and it is his notable mark in the Visakha Fc, where he played his fairest and got the fans in double-quick.

    Well, the calibre of such a player is finely approved here and no doubt Evangelos Skraparas is an epitome of a personality for so many good reasons. The football newbies adore him and they wonder if they will be able to learn every single thing from this incredible character. Evangelos Skraparas feels blessed to have such a fanbase and he wishes to train them in near future.

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