Social Activist Berto Boligan Believes Tech Adaptation Can Help Economically Struggling Countries to Overcome Poverty


    Boligan Foundation was started by Berto Boligan while the Covid-19 pandemic caused an uproar worldwide. It was during that time that he realized that there are many people in third world countries who are still unaware of technology and how it can help them make careers online instead of looking for onsite jobs.

    The foundation aims to provide equal opportunities for unprivileged children in third world countries and to provide them with resources to understand the current trends in technology. He believes that this will help people stand on their feet and keep up with the current work conditions which were brought about by the lockdown imposed worldwide due to corona virus.

    He also aims to bring attention to Esports as it has many skilled players in Asia, but they still lack knowledge on how to take part in this field as it is expanding very fast and has many vacancies. He wants to share how they can take this as a career option and take part internationally.

    Berto was born to a single mother who had to struggle hard for food on the table and roof on their heads. Since then, he knew he had to work hard and turn things around and live his dream lifestyle. He has been working hard and faced many failures including being sacked after working 8 years at a firm but that did not stop him. He faced many failures in his business ventures and finally landed where he is now. He has his own software companies, and it is in process of building an application which works in a proper DIY manner to help people with mortgages. His company is different from other traditional companies because it aims to leave a positive impact on the lives of its users regarding technology.

    Berto keeps himself motivated with all the work pressure by following a proper lifestyle and watching motivational videos when he wakes up. He thinks that has been a major boost for him to stay focused and takes the hectic routine in good grace. Coming from a tough background all these things he considers are blessings from God and he wishes to repay his blessings by helping unprivileged people.

    He has an edge as his business can very easily fund his foundation and keep it going. He wishes that many other young entrepreneurs can see and learn from his journey and instead of asking opinions from friends, family members and feeling hopeless they should believe in themselves. They should be the ones to set limits and push their selves to strive forward because at the end of the day you are who you believe yourself to be.

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