PED1NE, My Latest Discovery in the Electro House Music


    As a music correspondent, I am always looking for new names and voices to represent on my column. There is nothing that I love more than visiting a local bar and witnessing someone sing their heart out and capture the audience’s soul. The moment I see that someone, I move forward and introduce myself and ask them to allow me to write an article about them. “This is the least I can do for such talented artists”, I often say to myself. I want to help them to make a name for themselves; I want to help them grow.

    My latest discovery was at a club in Turkey. I was invited by some of my journalist friends for an experience of the Eastern-European culture of Turkey, and I could not resist. I am a foodie, so after going about some local restaurants for famous Turkish Kabab, we went to a local night club to enjoy some nightlife in Turkey. The club was crowded, as it can be expected from this time of the year – we went there in July. After a few drinks, I felt myself running towards the dance floor. At first I thought I probably had a little too much to drink, but it wasn’t the drinks that made me move my body and dance so effortlessly on the dance floor. It was the music. It was as if I knew the beats, and they knew my rhythm. The music carried me around like a wave and I just followed. It was around this time when I realized that I have made one of the finest discoveries of my career. This time it was not a singer; it was a DJ, and his name was Pedram Nematzadeh, known as PED1NE.

    PED1NE was born on May 21st, 1992. ‘He is a little bit young for such a great talent’, I thought for myself at first, but I knew I had to dig more and learn more about this guy. To my amazement, he was not at all an unknown talent; he has performed as a DJ in multiple clubs. His song Poison Vibe was even performed at MDL Beast Festival on November 12th, 2021.

    Musical Collaborations

    PED1NE has had multiple collaborations with renowned artists, including Taimaz Etaati, Mat1ne, and Torkaash. Here is a list of his tracks in which he has collaborated with these artists:

    Poison Vibe: This song which is the hallmark of his career was produced in late 2021. In this track PED1NE has worked with Mat1ne. Together they have produced a song that exceeds the limits of Electro House Music and introduces it to a new genre. If it is possible to create a song that details the elements of the ancient past, through the musical instruments of the East, and explores the realms of the future, through the plug-ins of FL Studio 20, then PED1NE has done it.

    Sight of Love: In this soundtrack, PED1NE has collaborated with Taimaz Etaati and Hamidreza Torkashvand, known as Torkash. This is a song about love, so it begins with the hails of love. Torkash’s deep voice is reflected through the deep house music of PED1NE, and together they tell a tale of love, longing, and separation that cannot be performed any better than through the words of Salman Savoji, renowned Persian poet of 20th century.

    Flying in the Dream: This soundtrack is collaboration between PED1NE and Taimaz Etaati. As the name suggests, it brings you to a realm of dreams, where everything is possible. PED1NE uses the elements of Melodic House Music perfectly to create an aura that is mostly suited to daydreams. You know you are listening to a sound in the present, but your mind is wandering in the deep thoughts of the past and longings of the future.

    While I have just come about this talented artist, PED1NE is known to many of his loved fans as a progressive musician who has managed to expand the realms of his music within every track. I cannot wait to listen to his latest album Red Face and to continue to be amazed by his genius. This article is dedicated to PED1NE, a name that I know is going to last for decades within the body of Electro House Music.


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