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    “The value of your work is not in the money, but in keeping your word, working with integrity, and a happy customer” is the ethics Vinay Kanth Korapati, Founder of Business Mint lives by.

    A freelance business man since the tender age of 16, Vinay Kanth Korapati founded Business Mint, a market research company on 15th August, 2018 with a deep passion to serve the business community. Going above and beyond for customers is what separates companies that thrive from companies that only survive, is what he truly believed. That’s why providing excellent customer service is vital to this young entrepreneur.

    With a thorough understanding of the business Vinay Kanth Korapati a hard-working visionary founded Business Mint with the sole and noble purpose of encouraging new businesses. To give that initial nudge in the right direction that every start-up is yearning for, a strong shoulder to rest on. Equipped with thorough market study, analysis and research Business Mint assists new entrepreneurs gain recognition, reputation, credibility and media exposure.

    A smart thinker who works with integrity Vinay Kanth Korapati stresses on authentic Market Research conducted directly with potential customers to determine the viability of a new service or product, which is the reason why Business Mint is now the Leading and most credible market research company ensuring that firms and entrepreneurs receive the recognition they deserve.

    In addition, the ingenious Vinay Kanth Korapati has also curated several other strategies for brand promotion like Press Release Distribution – To reach a large and targeted audience of journalists and social media influencers as well as traditional media outlets and digital media outlets. Brand Positioning – to identify and purchase ad space on channels relevant to the target audience at the optimal time. Business Networking – Business Mint organizes business and networking events around the world to ensure quality connections.

    “When your team consistently creates an environment of amazing customer service, it generates not just repeat business but also referral business. That’s because when your customers feel valued, they’ll provide your business with a positive review so you can build a reputation.

    Once you have a lots of positive customer reviews, you can start doing reputation marketing—using your reviews to promote your reputation and scale your company” advises Vinay Kanth Korapati.

    “Every good company wants to provide excellent customer service, but it’s not always easy to balance that with other business needs and goals.” He adds as an afterthought.

    With 32 successful events, a 100 million plus people reached, and 2500 plus organizations recognized, the young and dynamic CEO of Business Mint dreams ahead to reaching over 10,000 plus organizations by 2024.

    Vinay Kanth Korapati is a true success story of grit and determination.

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