4 Factors Behind Successful Gaming Brands in Canada

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The gaming industry has changed a lot in the past few years as new technology and innovation have pushed the limits of what games can be. As games have become more exciting and complex, they’ve brought in millions of new fans, increasing demand and leading to more revenue and profits. Today, the biggest game developing companies are worth billions of dollars, and some games can cost hundreds of millions of dollars to create. The gaming industry as a whole is worth $198.4 billion in 2021, and in Canada, it’s worth $5.5 billion.

With so much potentially at stake, gaming companies need to ensure they’re getting it right. Brands need to ensure their gaming product is developed with the market in mind and that it has a specific target audience. Brands are always looking for ways to optimize their success, and whether it’s an online casino in Canada or a games console manufacturer, there are many factors to consider. These four factors, in particular, stand out.


Accessibility is a major factor in how successful a game can be. Games that aren’t widely accessible are far less likely to be a success as fewer people can play. By ensuring that the game or gaming site has a wide audience, the brand can expect much better results. Accessibility can come in many different forms, including the platform the game is available, price and accessibility features.

The platform used by a gaming brand is an important factor to consider, with mobile gaming being particularly important in the industry over the last few years. Releasing a game that’s only available on one platform will mean it has a smaller audience. With a large percentage of people all over the world owning a smartphone, releasing a game that’s optimized for mobile play is a great way to find success.

Accessibility options such as captions for hearing-impaired players or settings that make it easier for colour-blind gamers are also more common in modern gaming. Brands that focus on implementing these features can ensure that their game is enjoyed by everyone regardless of their disability.

Utilizing Trends

Trends are important across all industries, but the gaming industry relies on trends more than almost any other. Gaming brands are always looking to find the latest trend that appeals to their audience. Trends can include features used within the game itself, the specific style of game or even how the game is marketed.

Current trends within gaming include AR and VR as well as cloud gaming, eSports and streaming. By utilizing these trends, gaming brands can improve sales and their chance of success. Not every trend needs to be used, but the trends that are popular within the specific target demographic are incredibly important.

Making the Most of Data

Data analysis is changing the ways gaming brands do business, providing them with a clearer understanding of how and why people play their games. As more brands focus on data, they’re able to discover ways to reach their target audience and how to improve their game for current players. Data analytics is used throughout the gaming industry and is more popular than ever with Canadian gaming brands.

Focusing on Technology

Cutting-edge technology helps to create more advanced and interesting games. As computer processing power has advanced, gaming brands have delivered games with better graphics and machines that are capable of playing them. Focusing on technology still remains one of the most important factors in the success of any gaming brand.

While technology isn’t the only thing that makes gaming great, it has helped it to become as popular as it is today. By ensuring that their games make use of the latest technological innovations, gaming brands can stay ahead of the competition and have more success with gamers all around the world.

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