Matin Klz Is A Young Boy From Iran

    Matin Klz

    Drumme , Singer , Musical Artist

    A young boy from Iran who pursue his dream of becoming a Musician and a Drummer . Matin Kolahdouzan ( Matin Klz ) always believed that higher education is useful but self-education is essential if you desire to do exploits in life. From being a high school dropout to becoming a Singer, Drummer and Arrangementer Matin has come a long way.

    Matin is very professional and famous in arranging music and holds the record for setting a music in 1 hour, and it is interesting to know that he also has a music album with 35 pieces!!

    He is the emerging Drummer from Iran and is getting an excellent response for his professional work from different corners of the world. The young Singer is getting praised for his work from all age groups of people as he has helped them improve their Music

    Born on 25 June 2003 in Iran and with different passions for music football and for sure the technology, Matin is for sure one of the younger singers who work with big names in the music and film industry. During a short interview that we have with him, Matin confirm that is excited for all the feedback that clients give to him. He says that music also is his passion and his favorite genre is rap.

    And Matin Is living Now turkey

    Seyed Mohammad Matin Kolahdouzan known as Matin Klz

    Matin Klz Offcial Instagram :


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