Jayce Grayye’s Story: Meet The Man Who’s Taking Over The Recruitment Industry

Jayce Grayye
Jayce Grayye

The principle of discipline. Of all the lessons Jayce Grayye’s father—a veteran—taught him and his brother, it is the one Jayce treasures the most.

That lesson helped him cement his character at a young age and become a go-getter and a problem solver.

“I was a disciplined kid who thought of turning his weaknesses into strengths. I had asthma as a baby, so, when I became older I trained myself to run by joining cross country and track in order to get rid of it; nobody told me to do so,” he states.

Such determination and resourcefulness have accompanied him throughout his entire life. During his youth, Jayce was able to use difficult situations in his favor. His dad had PTSD after coming back from service, but he endured it, taking it as a normal thing and focused on teaching his kids discipline, transparency, and “warrior’s will” —like he used to say— to defeat anything that came their way.

“My father had us building driveways, painting the entire house, and putting tiles on the roof. He taught me the definition of discipline.”

“He taught me not to be afraid or ashamed of any type of work in order to develop as many skills as possible the same way a soldier does at war to handle any situation that comes their way to survive.”

Such determination led Jayce to focus on improving his skills. His natural ability to listen intently and speak articulately set him on the path of being an outstanding salesman, a skill he kept mastering until that road took him to work for Grant Cardone.

Jayce describes the experience: “It was intense. When I got the opportunity to work for him, I would wake up every morning at 3:45 am, write down my goals, hit the gym, and be done by 5 am.” 

“I would drive to work for almost two hours. I read a lot, but due to the lack of time, I prefer listening to audiobooks, so driving two hours a day gave me a great opportunity to catch up with all the books I have planned to read.”

“It felt as if I was starting all over again, but I enjoyed it because I felt comfortable being uncomfortable and going above and beyond to pursue my goals. As a matter of fact, other valuable practices that they were teaching, I had already been doing for years. I felt like I fit in a very unfitting world.”

When he was 27 years old, he had become a brilliant salesman who was making six figures per year. He worked in corporate sales for 8 years until he decided to leave to do things on his own terms.

“I wondered if I did the right call by leaving right before Thanksgiving and Christmas, but a few months later, COVID hit and 90 people were laid off, then I realized I made the decision to spread my wings at a good moment,” he recalls.

In 2021, he founded his recruiting agency, Jayce Grayye Consulting & Recruiting (JGC&R): “when I was working as a fractional VP Of Sales, all my clients had a difficult time retaining talent, I wondered why so many people would not stay, and I realized many times it didn’t have to do with the sales training. The fact is that creating the right recruiting system contributes to almost 90% success rate for companies.”

Jayce continues: “I think the most important thing when it comes to business is to understand that humans are your asset. Finding the right person can help you grow your business or adding the wrong one will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

In a short time, Jayce Grayye Consulting & Recruiting has outshined most competitors with their innovative data-driven process that allows them to have a greater scope on their recruiting efforts than regular agencies: “normally, recruitment companies focus on a niche, an industry or a specific role. We are so efficient that we can focus on three departments: Sales, Marketing, & Operations,” Jayce states.

JGC&R recruits for positions from Account Executives, Sales Development Reps, Sales Directors to Customer Success Managers, Heads Of Client Success to Marketing Managers and Operations Managers. In Marketing, they recruit top digital marketers and marketing directors. In operations, they have over a hundred operation managers and operation assistants looking for a new home in many industries: “As a businessman, I have learned that those three areas are among the most important for a company,” Jayce states.

Their process makes use of an arsenal of informatics and human resources to deliver top candidates consistently.

First, they use targeted headhunting and artificial intelligence to build a bigger pool of great candidates than what other agencies could. From there, their talented recruiters curate and attract the best candidates: “There’s no silver bullet when it comes to the human component of our process. We simply have the right people and they’re great at what they do. They go out, build a network and build a relationship that takes time to build, it is not overnight,” Jayce asserts.

Another characteristic of Jayce Grayye Consulting & Recruiting is transparency. They not only over-deliver on prospects, but they are able to provide all the necessary information about each one of them to their clients. Jayce explains: “We communicate everything. Through our system, they see all the candidates, names, resumes, videos of what they look and sound like, and skill sets; we share with them all the data so they can feel confident in their selection. Every candidate goes through up to 3 hours of filtering. All our clients have to do is tell us yay or nay related to interviewing the candidates we are offering.”

“Data is what helps people make a good decision and we provide extensive data to justify it. ​​We want to offer candidates that «walk the talk», and what makes the difference is the data we are able to retrieve from them,” Jayce confirms.

Jayce has taken advantage of his effective recruitment system to build a team of talented top performers at Jayce Grayye Consulting & Recruiting, and he has strived to create a work culture of mutual support, passion for problem-solving and extraordinary results.

“Everybody’s got each other’s back; being able to be in the room working among top-performing individuals is one of the biggest assets my teammates appreciate about the job,” he states.

In just one year, Jayce Grayye Consulting & Recruiting has revolutionized the world of recruiting agencies—thanks to their drive and innovation, and they are not stopping there.

If you want to know more about Jayce Grayye Consulting & Recruiting services and unique approach to recruitment, we recommend you to visit their website.

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