How can call forwarding benefit your business?

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Call forwarding enables phone calls to be diverted from one telephone to another. So, a customer could call your landline number and be forwarded to your cell phone number or vice versa. 

The call forwarding feature can be used with landline, mobile, and VoIP phones. Whether your business is a start-up, a small business or a large company, leveraging call forwarding can be very beneficial in multiple ways.

It can boost productivity, increase your availability to important clients, provide customer satisfaction outside of office hours, save you money, offer customer service around the clock, and make your business appear more professional.

Call Forwarding Can Boost Productivity

If you or someone else in your company is tied to the desk waiting for an all-important call to come through, the loss of productivity can be incredibly frustrating.

But with call forwarding, you can get on with your day and simply wait for the call to be diverted from your landline to your cell phone.

With call forwarding, you can take that important phone call anytime, anywhere, and boost your productivity.

Call Forwarding Can Increase Your Availability

Similarly, if your business involves making deals over the phone, you need to avoid clients encountering out-of-office notifications on the answering machine when they call.

You need to be available.

With call forwarding, you can choose to be more available when you are away from the office. The same applies to your colleagues or partners. 

By using a call forwarding service, you can reassure your existing and prospective clients that you are on hand when they need to contact you.

In turn, that enables you to make better business connections and close more deals. 

You Can Provide Customer Satisfaction After Hours

When customers try to contact your business outside of work hours, you can ensure you still provide customer satisfaction by using call forwarding to reroute calls to an answering service. 

You or your customer service agents can then promptly reply to the messages that have been left as soon as the office opens the next day.

Utilizing Remote Customer Agents Can Save You Money

These days, you do not need to have a call centre to provide customer service over the phone. More and more companies are opting for remote agents to handle their customer calls. Without call forwarding, that would not be possible.

Utilizing remote workers to handle calls from customers can provide those workers with greater job satisfaction and a better work/life balance. 

But going down the remote route also enables you to save substantial costs. After all, you will have no offices to rent, no heating bills to pay, no lighting costs to pay, and so on.

You Can Offer Around-the-Clock Service to Your Customers

Every successful business, no matter how large or small, provides excellent customer service. 

With call forwarding, it is possible to offer around-the-clock customer service. And, as mentioned above, you do not need office space to achieve it. Remote workers in different locations and time zones can easily be available thanks to call-forwarding. 

So, when you learn how to forward calls to and from any device, it means your customers can speak to someone anytime that is convenient to them.

It also means customers are never faced with the irritation of being placed on hold for lengthy times, which helps to show your customers that you care.

 In turn, the customer satisfaction that you provide will help your company to improve its customer retention and increase its profits.

Call Forwarding Can Make Your Business Look Professional

Your customers will not know whether you use call forwarding or not. But they will undoubtedly appreciate the fact that your company is there to help when they need assistance.

For instance, if a customer calls your main business landline and the call is forwarded to you in your spare room at home, the customer will have no idea. So, call forwarding can make your company appear more professional.

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