Broadus Palmer: Advancing And Propelling Forward Future Workers Into The Cutting-Edge World Of Tech


    Broadus Palmer, founder of Level Up in Tech, has created a cloud career bootcamp and coaching program dedicated to helping individuals transition and advance their careers in cloud computing. As one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices of 2020, he has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and Business Insider for his game-changing role in tech. Changing lives indirectly through his popular and motivational content across his multiple social platforms, Broadus firmly believes in the power of cloud career coaching and arming people with additional skills that certifications alone cannot provide.

    Through helping individuals transition from everyday careers into roles in cloud engineering, Broadus Palmer and his team take immense pride in advancing and propelling forward those taking the leap into the cutting-edge world of tech that is rapidly taking over today’s world. As we enter a new generation of autonomous technology, the near future will see cuts made to current outdated programmes, hence the rising demand and interest in the coaching that Level Up In Tech has to offer.

    As a notable and highly respected leader of the cloud computing community, Broadus tirelessly works to restore the collective faith of self-belief with his “can-do” attitude. With mindset development aimed to level-up motivation in the process of scaling to higher status tech roles, his hands-on coaching uses the industry’s hottest tools and skills to get the job done.

    Broadus Palmer and his team at Level Up In Tech understand that applying for roles often lands individuals in a catch-22 situation where when applying for a role, they are rejected due to lack of experience. Level Up In Tech has been Broadus’ solution to this problem, of which he understands: how can one gain experience if no one is willing to hire you? Cloud career coaching serves to help people upskill with experience and problem-solving skills. At the same time, the coaching helps individuals build a credible and verifiable portfolio that is certain to impress future employers, standing out strongly amongst competing candidates.

    After leaving the banking industry where he worked for 14 years, Broadus has first-hand experience and a deep understanding of the difficulties that come with transitioning into cloud computing. In his own journey, he started with no prior experience and struggled to figure out what he needed to learn in order to become successful. Having worked his way up from the bottom, Broadus’ journey is easy for others to relate to. His rise to self-made success is greatly admired by those who wish to follow in his footsteps as they learn from, and apply his teachings.

    Level Up In Tech have their fingers on the pulse of the cloud computing community and their ears to the street with Broadus’ employees having also completed his program and levelled up in cloud roles. By staying on top of how to best solve problems in the ever-changing landscape of tech, it allows them to stay savvy in their education to newcomers to the industry, while also providing companies with new bright-eyed talent to bring forward solutions for real-life problems.

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